October 2021


Minutes for the Meeting of October 14, 2021

Board Members:

Charles Shapiro (Co-President)
Berkeley Murray (Co-President)
Kim Massa (Co-Treasurer)
Dan Slippen (Co-Treasurer)
Adrienne Williams (USA Swimming Manager)
Candace Twiss (PET-WRAT Coordinator)
Jackie Austin (Co-Official)
Mark McDermott
Aimee White-Charles (Meet Manager)
Melanie Ruggieri (8U Parent Rep)
Allison Arnett (AG Parent Rep)
Shantha Ozgen (Senior Parent Rep)
Jessica Qi (Athlete Rep)
Hugh Hutchinson (Athlete Rep)
Ellen Johnston (Coach)
Adam King (Coach)

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Charles S.


Jackie A. motioned to approve the minutes of the September 9, 2021 meeting.  Alison A. seconded the motion. Mark. M. Abstained.  All other members voted in favor. 

RESOLVED that the minutes of the September 9, 2021 meeting as presented to the Committee, are approved.

  • New Board Members: The following candidates are recommended to fill the open board positions:
    • Sarah Hart:  Age Group Representative

            Charles S. motioned to approve the above candidates, Alison A. seconded the motion.  All voted in favor.

          RESOLVED that the open Board positions are filled as described above.

  • Coaches Report/ Update (Ellen J.):
    • Colorado Timing System:  Board has arrived and new scoreboard should be operational by next week. 
    • Additional Team Upgrades/ Updates:  Anticipated (but not a complete list)
      • Starter (approx $1500).
      • One backstroke ledge
      • Meet Laptop  (approx cost of $1000).  Charles. S. suggested purchase should include installed Windows.  (* purchase was previously approved)
      • Meet Manager update (approx $200).
      • Looking into Team Unify update (approx $400):  Allows coaches to send videos to swimmers.
      • Discussion re. whether Board Members should become US Swimming members. 
    • All Parents Meeting Recap:
      • Attendees were mostly new parents.
      • Thought it went well.
      • May want to consider a new parents meeting.
    • Senior Social:  Went well.
    • Meet Schedule:
      • Number of facilities still prohibiting outside groups (eg. MIT).  Has definitely impacted meets.
      • Discussion re: December Meet Schedule and finding appropriate mid-season meets for all level swimmers.  Will be explained in all team email.  Meetis under consideration:
        • Nashville, TN
        • LI Meet
        • Southern
        • 8U WRAT Hosted Meet
      • Still working on remaining meet schedule for rest of season (January).
      • Halloween Weekend:  Pink Plunge/ Wilton 
      • WRAT Age Group Qualifier (November):  Shaping up to be a large meet.  Will be close to capacity (250 swimmers/ session).  Spectator issues discussed.
      • 8U Meet Last Weekend:  Fined by CT Swimming ($100), due to a swimmer not registered with US Swimming participating.  Report had already been run before the swimmer was entered.
      • Looking Forward to 2022:  Various programs being looked into incl. visit by Olympic swimmer’s coach, visiting elite swimmers, sports nutritionist, college process, sports psychologist, etc.
      • Reminder that team issues that arise should be referred to the appropriate coaches.
  • Co-President Report (Berkley M.):
    • Community Service Projects: Jodi Harris and Rebecca Press assisting.  Discussing one community service project a month. Proposed:
      • October:  Pink Plunge
      • November:  Food Drive (target is first weekend in November)
      • December:  Red/ Blue Meet and incorporating penny wars
    • Parent Coffee:  Find a time in next couple weeks to schedule a parents’ coffee.
    • Fund Raising: 
      • Charles S. Suggested that fundraising should be attached to capital goods request.  The above list of upgrades/ updates could give purpose to fundraising.
      • Safe Sport:  Need to find mechanism to get older parents to safe sport certify.
  • USA Swimming Escrow Account Manager Report (Adrienne W.):
    • 174 Families/ 226 Swimmers. Good amount in escrow.  1 Family overdrawn because they are paying fees as they go. 
  • Treasurers Report  (Kim M.):.Financials were sent to the board.
  • PET-WRAT (Candace T.)
    • 8U Meet: 14 parents volunteered (out of 40)
  • Parent Rep & Student Athlete Report:
    • Senior (Berkley M.): 
      • Beach outing for senior groups.  32 swimmers attended.  Cost effective outing.
    • Student Athlete Reps: 
      • Charles S.: We are looking for feedback from swimmers so we can deliver a better program.
      • Hugh H.:  Consider a buddy system to pair older and younger swimmers as a way to connect team.  Suggestion was well received.  Suggest that Parents reps and student reps coordinate to implement.
  • Officials Report (Jackie A.):
    • Consider Officials in-house refresher before the first meet of the season.  Ellen J. :  This can be set up anytime.

Jackie A. made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Kim M. seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Monika DeFelice, Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club