October 2022

Minutes for the Water Rats’ Parents Board Meeting October 20, 2022

In Attendance:
Charles Shapiro
Daniel Slippen
Rajesh Sabedi
David Lake
Candace Twiss
Berkeley Murray
Ellen Johnson
Sarah Hart
Amanda Mehelic
Allison Arnett
Jackie Austin
Monika DeFelice
Meeting Notes:

  • Confirmed quorum
  • Approved minutes – motion made, seconded and approved
  • No parents came for open forum
  • Presidents presented budget
    Vote on budget – Approved
  • Ellen:
    New COO Starts Monday: Christine
    8 and under – well run meet
    Greenwich meet – great start
    Pink Plunge – Benefit Norma Pfreim Center
    Speaker – Sam Livingstone
    Senior Event
    Shopping list for Team
    – board moves to approve 50,000 motion made, seconded and approved
    Team enhancement
  • USA Swimming – down 2 people (198 swimmers)
  • PetWrat
  • Parent Social – Push to January
  • Recruiting panel
  • Alumni panel – Thanksgiving
  • BRM (November 5th) and Al’s Angels (Dec 12th)