December 2022

Minutes Water Rat Parent Club Meeting

(offsite the Little Barn December 15, 2022)

Approval of the minutes by Jackie Austin and second by Amy White Charles.

Treasures report. Dave and Raj absent. Dan provided report.

Pink plunge allocation in process of $5300 will be done by next board meeting.

Treasures have found some additional funds to support social events and will get an additional $500-$1000 for each group. 

Bills for Nashville will be a pass through and bills to each family to be sent out within the next week.

Ellen report 

Brookfield, Nashville, MIT meets. Great experience especially for the younger kids who got to swim finals.

Going into December lots of illness. Teammate in Nashville had to EpiPen another swimmer who went into anaphylactic shock.

Escrow report

Charles reported bc Adrienne is out

We have 165 families and 201 swimmers. Nothing abnormal. A few new swimmers in the younger groups.

Old business


Adrienne has begun sprucing up the website. We should link up social media to the site. Graphics to be updated. We should try to have information uploaded onto the site as results/info becomes available. Each group should have equal representation. We should rectify this by end of short course

Recruiting process

We should have a seminar or education about the collegiate recruiting process. Need to do within the next 2 months. We would like Coach Kristen and Ellen w maybe Kate and Riley after new year.

New business

Amanda held a great event at Bertucci’s in Boston during the MIT meet.

Many people rsvp’d and decided to not attend thus impacting the costs. Amanda will be made whole for the people who didn’t show up. We will still bill the people who rsvp’d and didn’t show.

Parent reps were reminded to review their responsibilities and make sure they are checking w their team to ensure they know if there are any complaints or concerns. Every month there should be a check-in.

Senior Parent Rep Aimee White Charles secured an event w escapology for the senior swimmers. It will be subsidized by the parent’s club and a reduced fee will be asked

Parent reps seeking a new formula for cash allotted for each group based on numbers. We should allot at least $30/swimmer per event.

Recommendation by Charles that when team transitions to long course and swimmers move up that Ellen emails the team about who transitions and why. 

Some parents have communicated that swimmers should have individual meetings with their coaches. Ellen to assess how to best communicate in the new year.

Rescheduling the parent social and to determine new location. Arnett is willing to host if possible.

Meeting was adjourned