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December 2022

Minutes Water Rat Parent Club Meeting (offsite the Little Barn December 15, 2022) Approval of the minutes by Jackie Austin and second by Amy White Charles. Treasures report. Dave and Raj absent. Dan provided report. Pink plunge allocation in process of $5300 will be done by next board meeting. Treasures have found some additional funds […]

November 2022

WATER RATS PARENTS’ CLUB, INC.Monthly Board Meeting Thursday, November 17, 2022 7:00pm (Schine Conference Room)            Agenda Confirm Quorum Charles Shapiro, Allison Arnett, Jackie Austin, Amanda Mihelic, Aimee Drummey, Peter Meehan, Berkeley Murray, Candace Twiss, Samantha Kelley., Ellen Johnson, Aimee White Charles, Amy Leahy, Raj Subedi , Dave Lake Approve Minutes from Last Meeting Minutes were […]

October 2022

Minutes for the Water Rats’ Parents Board Meeting October 20, 2022 In Attendance:Charles ShapiroDaniel SlippenRajesh SabediDavid LakeCandace TwissBerkeley MurrayEllen JohnsonSarah HartAmanda MehelicAllison ArnettJackie AustinMonika DeFeliceMeeting Notes: Confirmed quorum Approved minutes – motion made, seconded and approved No parents came for open forum Presidents presented budgetVote on budget – Approved Ellen:New COO Starts Monday: Christine8 and […]

September 2022

WATER RATS PARENTS’ CLUB, INC.Monthly Board Meeting Thursday, September 15, 2022 7:00pm (Schine Conference Room)  Going forward, prior to the meeting we will ask if your area has anything to report. If so, we will add to the agenda. If not, your area of responsibility will not appear on that meeting’s agenda. Of course, you are […]

Water Rats Win 2022 CT Long Course Age Group Championships

the Water Rat Swim Team.  Yes, for the third consecutive season, the Water Rats came in 1st Place in the Combined Boys and Girls team scoring at the CT Long Course Age Group Championships held at the University of Connecticut on July 21st through July 24th.  It was a collective team effort to achieve the 23-point advantage […]

Audrey Gill and Ella Gussen Break Longstanding Team Records

2022 CT Long Course Age Group Championships this past weekend. Our swimmers swam fast at Age Group Championships and at Senior Championships two weeks ago, taking down some longstanding records.  Ella Gussen broke Lauren Evanosky’s 21-year-old records in the 200M IM in a time of 2:27.69 and in the 200M Backstroke in a time of 2:27.24.  Ella also broke […]

Schatz Sisters Take Down Team Records

What a great weekend the team had at Greenwich and our 10/under meet.  Many swimmers got personal best times and three team records were broken.  On Friday at the WRAT 10/under Meet, Parker Schatz broke the team record in the Girls 8/under 50-yard Backstroke in a time of 39.19.  At the Greenwich meet, Zadie Schatz […]

June 2022

Minutes for the Annual Meeting of June 9, 2022 A quorum was achieved. A motion was made to call the meeting to order. The motion was seconded.The motion unanimously passed. The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m. by Charles Shapiro. • Election of Board of Directors:• Advance notice of proposed slate of Board […]