September 2021


Minutes for the Meeting of September 9, 2021

Board Members:

Berkeley Murray (Co-President)
Candace Twiss (PET-WRAT Coordinator)
Amy Leahy (Safe Sport/ Fundraising)
Adrienne Williams (USA Swimming Manager)
Aimee White-Charles (Meet Manager)
Jackie Austin (Co-Official)
Melanie Ruggieri (8U Parent Rep)
Allison Arnett (AG Parent Rep)
Shantha Ozgen (Senior Parent Rep)
Rachel Kushel (Senior Parent Rep)
Jessica Qi (Athlete Rep)
Adam King (Coach)
Ellen Johnston (Coach)
Dan Slippen (Co-Treasurer)

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Berkley M..

Revised Agenda:  Circulated.  Monika D. motioned to approve.  Candace T. seconded.  All voted in favor.  Revised Agenda approved.


Shantha O.. motioned to approve the minutes of the June 3, 2021 meeting.  Candace T. seconded the motion. All voted in favor. 

Rachel K.. motioned to approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting of June 10, 2021.  Monika D. seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

RESOLVED that the minutes of the June 3, 2021 meeting and the minutes of the Annual Meeting of June 10, 2021, all as presented to the Committee, are approved.

  • New Board Members: Martha C. (Co-Treasurer) and Showky K. (AG Rep) have both resigned due to swimmers graduating/ leaving the team. The following candidates are recommended to fill the open board positions:
    • Dan Slippen:  Co-Treasurer
    • Jessica Qi:  Athlete Rep.
    • Hugh Hutchinson:  Athlete Rep.

            Rachel K. motioned to approve the above candidates, Shantha O. seconded the motion.  All voted in favor.

          RESOLVED that the open Board positions are filled as described above.

  • Coaches Report/ Update (Ellen J.):
    • Robust tryout process.  Team is pretty much at capacity – expect to end registration at 228-230 swimmers.
    • We are transitioning back into training.  Locker rooms are open.  Planning to host an in-person, all team parent meeting Sunday September 26.
    • All team welcome email should go out shortly.
    • Locker Rooms:  Early training sessions can use locker rooms.  Later practices, we are still asking swimmers to wrap and go.  Shower mandates are back.
    • Observation Deck:  To be open Monday, Thursday and Saturday
    • Colorado Time System:  Old board has been dismantled.  Hoping to install new board by the end of October/ early November.
    • Water Rat Hosted Meets:
      • 8U meet Columbus Day weekend.
      • November Qualifier Meet (no longer Freestyle Frenzy). 
    • Looking to diversify meets/ meet hosts for best level of competition for all swimmers.
  • Co-President Report (Berkley M.):
    • Fall Parent Coffee:  Proposed first Saturday practice, but considering moving to avoid being back to back with parent meeting. 
    • Welcoming New Swimmers:  Parent reps to reach out to new members. 
    • Capital Items:  Several expenditures being discussed, team laptop, resurfacing of blocks, etc.
  • USA Swimming Escrow Account Manager Report (Adrienne W.):
    • 175 Families/ 226 Swimmers. $44,000 in escrow but this will decrease to pay for athlete registrations with US Swimming.  Still waiting on potential registrations for 1 new swimmers and 1 Senior swimmer balancing another sport.
  • Treasurers Report  (Kim R. by written report): Limited activity because beginning of year.  Approx. $6,000 in refunds issued. Books for the year are still open, expecting to close out last year shortly.
  • Safe Sport (Amy L.):
    • Access to team portal.  Amy L. has started the application.  Between now and when we are approved, we need at least 27 parents to complete training (right now we have 18).
    • Offering 5 volunteer points to parents who complete training by October 1.  Candace T. asked Adrienne W. to set up as volunteer event.
    • Safe Sport certification will be required of all parent volunteers.
  • Fundraising (Amy L.):
    • Opening team spirit wear store next week.  Store will be open for about a week.
    • 8U meet Columbus Weekend:  considered concession stand, but would require 8U volunteers and meet is very short.  Consider doing this in November.
    • Considering selling pies over Thanksgiving.
    • Brainstormed other fundraising ideas.
  • Meet Manager Report (Aimee W-C):  To meet with Ellen, since we are anticipating full meet schedule.
  • Parent Rep & Student Athlete Report:
    • Senior (Shantha O.): Looking into a Senior event at Fairfield beach.  No parking issues after September 30.

Jackie A. made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Shantha O. seconded the meeting. All voted in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Monika DeFelice, Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club