November 2018

Minutes for the Meeting of November 7, 2018

Board Members:

Ngassam Ngnoumen (Co-President), Dan Lacugna (Co-Treasurer), Lorraine Kennedy (Secretary), Candace Twiss (Pet-WRAT Coordinator), Mark McDermott (Officials Co-Coordinator) Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Whitney Ross (SR Rep), Lori Blessey (Meet Coordinator), Charles Shapiro (Co-Treasurer), Peter Lynch (8U Rep), Michelle Kennedy (Athlete Rep), Martha Corneck (Ex Officio), Adrienne Williams (USA Swimming Coordinator), Jackie Austin (Officials Co-Coordinator), Amy Leahy (AG Parent Rep), Eileen Nolan (SR Parent Rep). Also in attendance were Kristen Adams, Dina Carlson and Nick Niejelow.

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order.


Ngassam Ngnoumen called the meeting to order. Members present reviewed the minutes from October 3rd, 2018 meeting. Charles Shapiro motioned to approve the minutes as stated. Martha Corneck seconded the motion.

RESOLVED that the minutes from the October 3rd, 2018 meeting, as presented to the Committee, were approved.

  • Election of new Parents Club Board Members for period 2018-2019 for vacancies were Presented by Ngassam Ngnoumen
    • Nominees are:
      • Co-President – Amy Leahy (Two Year Term)
      • Age Group Parent Reps – Dina Carlson (One Year Term)

Jackie Austin motioned to approve the nominee slate as presented. Charles Shapiro seconded the motion. All voted in favor and motion was carried.

RESOLVED that the slate of nominees as presented to the Committee, were approved. 

  • Coaches Report presented by Ellen Johnston
    • Freestyle Frenzy will be smaller than prior years due to the abundance of other meets available the same weekend; Saturday afternoon session moved up; will borrow bus for transportation to remote lot.
    • Set dates for December meets and rooms reserved for MIT meet
    • CT YMCA State Meet announced.   Lakeland Hill and Redbank from New Jersey will be attending. Possible T-Shirt vendor for Y States for additional revenue. Wilton, New Canaan and Greenwich not attending.
    • WRAT team is now full and we are turning away swimmers for the current year.


  • USA Swimming Escrow Account Manager Report presented by Adrienne Williams
  • 246 swimmers are now registered; 212 families
  • Added 2 girl high school swimmers to Senior 3
  • 2 families are overdrawn for a total of $130
  • 4 short course meets have been billed to date
  • Citibank escrow balance is $39,180.91


  • Treasurers Report presented by Dan Lacugna
    • Current net operating income is $75,393 with expenses of $20,320 for a Net Operating Income of $55,073
    • PET WRAT fees approximately $7K higher than expected
    • Pink Plunge raised $6,545 which will be donated
    • Personalized caps raised $1,589
    • 8/U Meet Net Income $1,282
    • ASCA Training Reimbursement Expense $2,414
    • Junior National Payments $3,500
    • IRS Form 990 is ready


  • PET-WRAT Report presented by Candace Twiss
  • 28 families have no balance (worked more than required)
  • 43 families have partially filled their points
  • Families are motivated this season


  • Meet Manager Report presented by Lori Blessey
  • Hospitality set for Freestyle Frenzy
  • Selling Heat Sheets for $3 Each
  • Simply Delicious will be providing concession
  • Research food vendor for Y States who will provide income for team


  • Officials Report presented by Mark McDermott and Jackie Austin
  • 3 parents are interested in becoming officials and need to attend a clinic
  • 2 parents are in process of becoming a Stroke and Turn official


  • Parents and Athlete Reps Reports
  • Amy Leahy coordinating a Movie Night showing Home Alone at a Fairfield movie theater. Scheduled for Thursday, 12/13 for the entire team. Minimum of 85 tickets with a 5:30PM start. There will be no practice for team (excluding SR 1 shortened practice) to allow to attend.
  • Whitney Ross and Kristen Adams coordinated dry land training for older swimmers with Y instructor. This will be one day a week (Thursday) at 5:30 PM beginning in January. Ellen to followup and confirm. Queries were also made about Sunday training. This will be explored.
  • Eileen Nolan coordinated a Senior event to a corn maze. Due to inclement weather, attendance was low, but those who did attend enjoyed the event.


  • Co-Presidents Report presented by Ngassam Ngnoumen
  • Banquet plans are underway and Eileen Nolan is coordinating. Rolling Hills is the venue of choice and potential dates are Sunday, April 28th or Sunday, May 5th.

Mark McDermott moved to adjourn the meeting and Jackie Austin seconded. All voted in favor.  The next meeting is slated for Wednesday, December 12th, 2018.


Respectfully submitted,
Lorraine Kennedy, Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club