June 2022

Minutes for the Annual Meeting of June 9, 2022

A quorum was achieved. A motion was made to call the meeting to order. The motion was seconded.
The motion unanimously passed.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m. by Charles Shapiro.

Election of Board of Directors:
• Advance notice of proposed slate of Board of Candidates was given re: proposed slate.
• No additional candidates were submitted.
• Motion was made to approve, motion was seconded. Motion was unanimously passed.
RESOLVED that the following slate of Board Candidates is approved:
Dan Slippen – Co-President
Raj Sabedi – Co-Treasurer
Dave Lake – Co- Treasurer
Berkeley Murray – Ex-Officio
Samantha Kelley – Secretary
Allison Arnett – Meet Coordinator
Candace Twiss – PET-WRAT Coordinator
Sarah Hart – 8U Parent Representative
Open – 8U Parent Representative
Aimee Drummey – Age Group Representative
Amanda Mihelic– Age Group Representative
Aimee White-Charles – Senior Representative
Monika DeFelice – Senior Representative
Additionally, the following Board members were elected in 2021 for two year terms and will continue in
their positions for 2022-23: Charles Shapiro (Co-President), Jackie Austin (Officials Coordinator),
and Adrienne Williams (USA Swimming Manager).
• Co-Presidents Reports (Charles S. and Berkeley M.):
• Thank you to Berkeley for making team a better, happier place over the years – looking
forward to her involvement in “special projects”.

Overview of purpose and importance of Parents Club: support team, manage budget, organize social events, create community among the team.
• Review of team numbers: Short Course = 175 families, 225 swimmers, Long course, never below
220 swimmers. These are healthy numbers and just where we want them.
• Recognition banquet was a success with 267 attendees. We were able to maintain budget and
have a nice event.
• Push for continued parent volunteer support. Encouragement for members to consider becoming

Treasurer’s Report (Dan S. and Kim M.)
• Great year from expense management perspective: 170 income, 130 expense, 40 profit
• Purchase of Scorebaord and computer
• Home meets were a great success and profitable

Officials Report (Mark M. and Jackie A.)
• Push for more officials – great way to get involved and pass a swim meet.
• 1/3 of officials continue to participate even though swimmers are no longer on team.
• Don’t need to have been a former swimmer!

Coaches Report (Ellen J.)
• State of team is vibrant and healthy – full team with waiting list, want to keep numbers
just where they are. We have the right numbers (no lane crowding).
• Team continues to excel among all levels in the sport.
• Operating under the cloud of covid resulted in some changes – less spectator meets, limited meet offerings, meet hosts dropping out, parents wary of social events.
• We made the most of it and ended up hosting our biggest meet ever in November with
657 swimmers. We successfully ran the meet thanks to the hard work of our coaches and
volunteers without impacting the function of the ymca. Other teams reached out afterward asking us to run more meets because it was such a success.
• Additional meets were held at our YMCA due to necessity for a venue. We worked with
Wilton and hosted finals as well as the 10u championships (which we won).
• Good lesson to swimmers that it doesn’t matter where you race.
• Social events were curbed due to covid but we were able to have some successful events
for each age group.
• Some of the changes made during covid were positives and will continue on. Cutting-edge
live streaming, change to seniors dry-land added to morning practice so they have more
time for afternoon homework, hosting more meets.
• Overview of how some of the money the team brings in is used: scoreboard, meet laptop,
new blocks (looking to resurface blocks in coming year, coaching staff will be sent to training
• We have strong, dedicated coaches. Will be sending coaches to training – ASCA World Clinic.
Will be looking for some new coaches for next season (Olivia will be going back to school.)
• Review of some of our swimmers and coaches getting involved with the CT swimming board.

Floor Open for Questions
• Question and overview regarding time commitment for becoming an official.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting, motion was seconded. Motion was unanimously passed.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Hart
Water Rats Parents’ Club