October 2020


Minutes for the Meeting of October 1, 2020

Board Members:
Charles Shapiro (Co-President)
Berkeley Murray (Co-President)
Martha Corneck (Co-Treasurer)
Kim Massa (Co-Treasurer)
Allison Arnett (8U Parent Representative)
Adrienne Williams (USA Swimming Manager)
Candace Twiss (PET-WRAT Volunteer Coordinator
Aimee White-Charles (Meet Coordinator)
Amy Leahy (Safety/ Concessions Coordinator
Mark McDermott (Co-Official)
Jackie Austin (Co-Official)
Showky Kaldaway  (AG Parent Representative)
Melanie Ruggieri (Age Group Representative)
Rachel Kushel (Senior Parent Representative)
Shanta Ozgen (Senior Parent Representative)
Ellen Johnston (Coach)
Rob Urban (Coach)
Adam King (Coach)

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order at 7:42 p.m. by Charles S..

Mark M. motioned to approve the minutes of September 7, 2020.  Martha C. seconded. All voted in favor. 

RESOLVED that the minutes from the September 7, 2020 meeting, as presented to the Committee are approved.

  • Agenda Items:
    • Update from Ellen with Q&A:
      • Virtual Meet:  Conducted in accordance with CT Swimming.  Swimmers were diligent in following the rules.  Aware of camera issues for Session I, hoping it improved in Session II.
      • Meet went very well – if anything the meet went too fast and we will need to slow down even more.
        • Goal is to host a meet every month,  Target dates are weekend of October 16th and November 7. 
        • Mark M: Would budget allow for a better camera?  With everything going on this might go on for a while. 
          • Ellen suggests reaching out to parents to see if resources in community.
          • Aimee W.: will look into this. There may be some preferential rates available.
          • Showky K.: Mentioned “Live Barn” (being used by ice rinks etc.)
        • Ellen J:  Was trying to mix up the kids using the seating chart so they could interact with new/ different swimmers, but meet went fast.
        • Adrienne W:  Very easy meet to run.
        • Mark M:  We have enough qualified officials.  Can also contact from other teams, but thinks we have enough from our roster.
        • Jackie A.:  Asked about Pink Plunge.  Ellen said looking into it, would want it sanctioned.
      • Charles S:  Asked if Y is anticipating any change of hours, etc. 
        • October 8:  Showers will become available.
        • Looking to expand number of swimmers in lanes
        • No discussion at Y level, so not anticipating any change in Y hours.
        • Changing reservation system, to give larger window of time.
        • Jackie A:  Concerns re turnaround and crowd of swimmers and non-swimmers.  Ellen does not anticipate changes for pickups.

Ellen:  Age Group Dryland to start next week. To be conducted by coaches. Letter will be forthcoming,

  • Co-Presidents Report:
    • Charles S:  Expect meetings to continue via zoom as long as Y closes at 8.
    • Berkeley M:
      • Planing for another Food Drive in November for Bridgeport Rescue Mission.  Will be opportunity for Points,
      • Approx. October 10:  Plan for parent coffee in parking lot.  Berkeley will be reaching out to Parent Reps.
    • Fund Raising:
      • Spirit Gear sales are approaching $5000 worth of sales, with one day left to sell. (Amy L.)
      • Wreaths Across America – opportunity to purchase wreaths for cemeteries for service members.  Fundraiser for team, with $5 to team for every wreath sold. No inventory risk to be confirmed.  This will be an earmarked fundraiser, Ellen is hoping to raise money for “My Swim Ears” swimmers wear over caps and can hear coach, this will better enhance coaching given distance requirements. (Amy L., Berkley M., Ellen J.)
      • Making calls re: movie night fundraiser. No permit required.  Will need to make sure parking is adequately spaced. (Amy L.)
  • Coaches Report (Ellen J.): Y is putting together a COVID policy, will be distributed to team.
  • USA Swimming Escrow Account Manager Report (Adrienne W.): Not much to report.  We are in good shape.  171 Families, 217 Swimmers. 1 overdrawn account. Everyone registered with US Swimming.
  • Treasurers Report  (Martha M.)

“This is the first month of the fiscal year.  We are finished with registration except for maybe some immaterial additions that may or may not happen in this pandemic year.  We have just met our budget expectations for PC PetWRAT fee despite the fact that we are just under the 175 swimmers with 169 swimmers.  We also had more than the usual number of families with multiple swimmers (40 families) with 2 families having 4 swimmers.  The PC generally maintains a conservative budget zero based budget. 

The major expenses of the past month are $1k for the preparation of the Form 990 informational return for the IRS.  The Form 990 will be presented at the next meeting and will be filed.  The deadline for this form is January 15,  2021. 

At this time we are showing nearly $17k net income to cover activities and expenses.  We have budgeted but we may not have meets in 2021 which are expected to contribute $15,750 in net income.  There are many areas that we can decrease our activity through out the fiscal year.  We have approximately $10k that are fixed costs (including $4k of contractual fixed costs)  that the club will need to pay for software such as Quickbooks, Team Unify, Super meets and professional fees that will still be upcoming such as professional insurance.  Many of our Club general accounts will also decrease if we do not have meets in 2021 such as credit card expense and Meet General expenses.  In summary, the club is capable of having a productive, fiscally conservative year that will include activities without having to debit savings.  I have attached the current budget to actual reports and have hidden the classes that we have budgeted activity but no income or activity at this time. “

  • PET–WRAT Report (Candace T.):  Only activity is last weekend’s meet.  All timers got 10 points.
  • Meet Manager Report (Aimee W.):  Will look into live streaming proposals.
  • Officials Report (Mark M.):  Reached out to current officials list
    • 16 returning officials.  Possibly 17.
      • 4 Deck refs (2 qualified, 2 trainee, +1 if L. Kennedy renews),
      • 2 meet refs (all qual).
      • 0 starters (but all Deck and Meet Refs can start),
      • 8 stroke and turn (4 qual, 4 train)
      • 3 Administrative Officials (2 qual, 1 trainee (who is a Deck ref))
      • Ed. to add:  3 Qualified YMCA Level II Officials (+1 if L. Kennedy renews)
    • Numbers at each level include trainees, right now difficult to get them qualified without meets.  Potential to hold clinic for Stroke and Turn officials.
    • Limitations:  Trainees can’t be in meets.  Numbers are limited and certain sessions for officials can’t run.  Additionally they want to keep the same officials together for COVID tracing reasons.
    • Will put something together to start recruiting process.
    • Allison A.:  Suggested that we put out path to involvement, to help with recruiting officials (and other volunteer opportunities).
    • Charles S:  Anything we can do to expedite training process?  Ellen J.:  Limitations are coming both from US Swimming and CT Swimming.
  • Parents Reps & Student Athlete Reports:
    • Seniors (Rachel K):  No in-person senior social given current climate with HSs being closed; looking into a virtual event.
    • 8U (Alison A.):  Questions re. moving up with birthdays. Questions have been directed to coaches. Wondering if there is some sort of email she can distribute to the groups.  Ellen J: November and later birthdays, generally stay with younger group and will move up for next season.  Adrienne W.: Information also on website. 
    • AG (Alison A):  At parent coffee, wondering if we can get reps from Metro Swim.  There have been many questions re sizing of team gear.
    • Charles S:  Suggest we calendar a parents meeting, so that questions from parents can be answered

Martha C. moved to adjourn the meeting and Jackie A. seconded.  All voted in favor. 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:43 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Monika DeFelice, Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club