September 2020


Minutes for the Meeting of September 7, 2020

Board Members:

Charles Shapiro (Co-President)
Berkeley Murray (Co-President)
Kim Massa (Ripka) (Co-Treasurer)
Allison Arnett (8U Parent Representative)
Showky Kaldaway  (AG Parent Representative)
Rachel Kushel (Senior Parent Representative)
Shanta Ozgen (Senior Parent Representative)
Mark McDermott (Co-Official)
Jackie Austin (Co-Official)
Emmett Adams (Athlete Representative)
Amy Leahy (Safety/ Concessions Coordinator)
Ellen Johnston (Coach)
Rob Urban (Coach)
Adam King (Coach)
Adrienne Williams (USA Swimming Manager)
Candace Twiss (PET-WRAT Volunteer Coordinator)

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Charles S..


Berkley M. motioned to approve the minutes of the last Board Meeting on March 5, 2020 and the minutes of the Annual Meeting on June 27, 2020.  A. Arnett seconded. All voted in favor. 

RESOLVED that the minutes from the March 5, 2020 meeting and Annual Meeting, as presented to the Committee are approved.

  • Co-President’s Report:
  • Charles S.: 
    • Ask each Board Member to think about area you are responsible for and develop list of questions/ ideas how to implement role.
    • Also be aware of the game of “telephone” among parents.  Escalate any questions/ issues that need to be addressed for the team.
  • Berkley M.: 
    • Everyone needs to remain flexible.  Decisions are being made constantly.  Open to creative and new suggestions. 
  • Coaches’ Report/ Response to Q&A (Ellen J.):
    • Able to get a solid no. of weeks to get entire team back in the water.
    • By having team progress slowly, there were no swimming injuries from what we did in the water.  We are on the right path.
    • Excited about short turnaround for new season we can keep momentum going.
    • Silver linings:  we have learned things that worked over summer, ie. committing in advance to practices.
    • Inundated with interest for the team. Staff determined max. no for each practice group.
    • Aquatics staff for Y gave us good access to pool.
    • Will add one swimmer per lane and still stay within lane guidelines.
    • We were able to proceed with tryouts and have a a team of 206-210 members and stay within safety guidelines.
    • Swimmers will be required to have ziplock bag on deck to hold their mask.
    • Turnaround time will be reduced.  Will ask everyone to wear suits to practice.  “Wrap and go” to continue through September.  Will figure out what needs to be tweaked as we go all indoors.
    • Dryland:  Will try to give it a go.  DL has been added for some groups.  Will have 2 coaches to allow enough distance to work out without a mask.  Evaluate adding for other groups as noted in Ellen’s all team email.
    • Refund policy articulated in Ellen’s all team email.
    • We will do what we need to avoid shutting down the program or the Y.
    • Competition:  Starting point: 9/26 intrasquad with S1/ S2 pre-seeded time trial. [Mark M. advised 9/26 is Officials meeting].  Look to be able to offer subsequent competition opportunities for other practice groups.  Looking into live streaming events since no spectators.
  • Concessions:
    • Amy L.:  Considering what we can sell and make money for the team.  Discussion re. offering logo masks for sale. 
    • Adrienne W.:  Streamlined team gear order coming soon.
    • Charles S.:  To keep in mind, opportunities for revenues (ie meet fees), may be reduced.
    • Ellen J:  Certain team improvements and expenses are on back burner.  Considering which items she might need to ask from Parent’s Club to keep us relevant.  Charles asked Ellen to meet with Martha & Kim to consider what we do not need to spend on for this year vs. what we still need.  There is a lot unknown.
  • Athlete Rep. (Emmet A):  As a swimmer, having the opportunity to race is paramount.
  • Parent Rep (Allison A):  As 8U Rep, open to discussion re generating excitement at developmental level. There is also a need to connect parents.
  • Charles S:  All parents meeting – will need to rethink how it happens.

Adam K. moved to adjourn the meeting and Berkley M. seconded.  All voted in favor. 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Monika DeFelice, Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club