September 2018

Minutes for the Meeting of September 5, 2018

 Board Members:

Ngassam Ngnoumen (Co-President), Dan Lacugna (Co-Treasurer), Lorraine Kennedy (Secretary), Candace Twiss (Pet-WRAT Coordinator), Jackie Austin (Officials Co-Coordinator), Mark McDermott (Officials Co-Coordinator) Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Whitney Ross (SR Rep), Lori Blessey (Meet Coordinator), Charles Shapiro (Co-Treasurer), Peter Lynch (8U Rep), Tina Lynch (8U Rep), Amy Leahy (AG Rep), Eileen Nolan (SR Rep), Leslie Kickham (AG Rep), John McNab (Athlete Rep), Michelle Kennedy (Athlete Rep).   Dina Carlson and Adam Bonoff also attended.

A quorum was achieved, and the meeting was called to order.


Ngassam Ngnoumen called the meeting to order. Introductions were made to acclimate all Board Members, old and new.

  • Treasurers Report presented by Dan Lacugna, Co-Treasurer
    • Summary of the prior year was presented with results close to the -0- budget.
    • Extraordinary expenses were the new blocks which funds from the savings account were used and additional swimmers attending Y Nationals.


  • Coaches Report presented by Ellen Johnston, Head Coach
    • Thank you to all Board members, staff and parents for additional help during much needed time off.
    • Coaches Kristen Finnegan and Rob Urban attended a World Coach clinic in Anaheim, CA.
    • New coaches to the team are Adam King as the Head Junior Coach and Sara Mesavage as Assistant 8U Coach.
    • Staffing has been re-organized throughout the program with additional responsibilities being assigned to various coaches.
    • WRATS will host 13+ Y States in January. It replaces Pentathlon with historical income of ~$19,000. Y States’ previous income has been $15,900+ but updated information projects reduction in entries.
    • Try-outs went well. There are 216 swimmers registered at the time of this meeting.
    • Working on meet schedule. Should be posted within the next month.


  • USA Swimming Escrow Account Manager Report presented by Ngassam Ngnoumen for Adrienne Williams
  • 216 registered swimmers; budget of 220 swimmers
  • 7 families have requested financial assistance


  • PET-WRAT Report presented by Candace Twiss, Pet-WRAT Coordinator
  • Families have been billed balance for non-compliance.
  • October 1st is reset point date for balances (prior to the 8U meet)
  • Framework to assessing points should be established e.g. non-meet swimmers or shorter season swimmers.


  • Meet Manager Report presented by Lori Blessey, Meet Coordinator
  • Meets requiring volunteers: Y States (January), Senior Spring Invitational (March), 9 & Under (June)
  • Volunteers: 8U (October, Belpedio)
  • Scheduling a training for meet managers on October 1st


  • Officials Report presented by Mark McDermott and Jackie Austin, Officials Co-Coordinators
  • Potentially lost 3 officials this year due to graduations
  • Possible 3 new Stroke and Turn officials joining team
  • Recruitment in process
  • 3 current officials getting YMCA certification to be in compliance for Y State meet


  • Parents Reps Reports
  • Ngassam to share budget with each of the parent representatives relative to their group.


  • Co-Presidents Report presented by Ngassam Ngnoumen
    • Dates for Parents Social & Fundraising
      • Meet the coaches and new parent meeting scheduled for September 22nd. This will be similar to the Expo format for parents to become familiar with WRATS.
      • Annual Parent Social to be hosted by the Walker family at the end of October / beginning of November. Date will be chosen once meet schedule is available.
      • Ideas for fundraising are welcome. Possible Swim-A-Thon. Adam Bonoff will create a sub-committee to review possibilities and report back to Board.


  • Parent Apparel Update
  • Jessica Slippen researched parent apparel. She shared styles and mockup with the board. Will incorporate board feedback and share samples at the welcome back social on Sept. 22 and create online store for the WRAT team.


  • Open Roles
    • Co-President
    • Banquet Chair / Coordinator – Eileen Nolan volunteered
    • Media Coordinator
    • Committee – Meet Managers


Mark McDermott moved to adjourn the meeting and Lorraine Kennedy seconded. All voted in favor. The next meeting is slated for Wednesday, October 3, 2018.


Respectfully submitted
Lorraine Kennedy
Water Rats Parents’ Club