April 2018

Minutes for the Meeting of April 19, 2018

Board Members:

Martha Corneck (Co-President), Ngassam Ngnoumen (Co-President), Dan Lacugna (Co-Treasurer), Kerry Steele-Rubin (Co-Treasurer), Lorraine Kennedy (Secretary), Sylvia Ortega (Ex Officio), Mark McDermott (Officials Co-Coordinator), John Wang (Officials Co-Coordinator), Julia Spelman (8U Rep), Sari Berkowitz (AG Rep), Cheryl Smiley (SR Rep), and Adrienne Williams (Escrow Manager). Adam Bonoff also attended.

A quorum was achieved and the meeting was called to order.


Martha Corneck called the meeting to order. Members present reviewed the minutes from March 1st meeting. Lorraine Kennedy motioned to approve the minutes as stated. Sylvia Ortega seconded the motion.

RESOLVED that the minutes from the March 1st, 2018 meeting, as presented to the Committee, were approved.

  • Coaches Report: Presented by Adrienne Williams for Ellen Johnston
    1. Long Course schedule has been posted on Team Unify.
    2. Senior Spring Invitational has light entries overall. Crimson from MA will not be attending due to a conflict.
    3. Y Nationals were a success for the team overall.
  • Treasurers’ Report: Presented by Kerry Steele-Rubin
    1. Zones apparel reimbursement is coming.
    2. Banquet fees will be charged to individual accounts by Adrienne through Team Unify.
    3. Overall quiet month.
  • USA Swimming Manager Report: Presented by Adrienne Williams
    1. 237 swimmers in overall program.
    2. 13 swimmers have moved from red to white practice group.
    3. 3 new Senior III swimmers.
    4. 12 families are overdrawn with this highest amount due of $153. Two of these are graduating seniors.
  • PET WRAT Report:   Presented by Martha Corneck for Candace Twiss
    1. All points have been posted. There are a few families that need points and Candace is following up with them on an ongoing basis.
  • Meet Manager Report – Presented by Martha Corneck for Huong Belpedio
    1. Senior Spring Invitational meet managers will be Andy McNab and Candace Twiss.
    2. Lori Blessey will serve as Assistant Meet Manager to become familiar with role for next year.
  • Officials Report – Presented by Mark McDermott
    1. There was a YMCA Certification clinic offered in Ridgefield. However, due to short notice, no WRAT officials were able to attend.
    2. Mark will see if we can get one offered at our Y so we can get a couple of officials Y certified.
    3. Mark McDermott observed the boys high school Opens.
  • Parent & Student Rep Reports: Julia Spelman (8U); Sari Berkowitz (AG); Cheryl Smiley (SR)
    1. Student Reps – No activity to report
    2. 8U – No activity to report
    3. AG – Bowling even was well received and successful. Looking to do something earlier in the year for next season.
    4. SR – No activity to report
  • Co-President’s Report: Presented by Martha Corneck and Ngassam Ngnoumen
    1. Recognition night plans are fully underway. Water bottles and plaques have been ordered.
    2. Plaque commemorating the donation of the Parents Club of new starter blocks has been identified. Working for plaque TBD.
    3. Nominating Committee has been successful. There are only a few positions remaining open.
    4. Air quality issues continue to be addressed. The air filtration unit has been recalibrated to see if improves. The YMCA Board is to develop a committee to receive input and make recommendations for a permanent solution. Paul Keblish (WRAT parent) will be chairing this committee. Ngassam was asked to join this committee.

Mark McDermott moved to adjourn the meeting and Dan Lacugna seconded. All voted in favor. The next meeting is slated for May 3rd, 2018.

Respectfully submitted

Lorraine Kennedy


Water Rats Parents’ Club