March 2018

Minutes for the Meeting of March 1, 2018

Board Members:

Martha Corneck (Co-President), Dan Lacugna (Co-Treasurer), Kerry Steele-Rubin (Co-Treasurer), Lorraine Kennedy (Secretary), Mark McDermott (Officials Co-Coordinator), Julia Spelman (8U Rep), Cheryl Smiley (SR Rep) and Ellen Johnston (Head Coach).

A quorum was achieved and the meeting was called to order.


Martha Corneck called the meeting to order. Members present reviewed the minutes from February 1st meeting. Martha Corneck motioned to approve the minutes as stated. Cheryl Smiley seconded the motion and all were in favor.

RESOLVED that the minutes from the February 1st, 2018 meeting, as presented to the Committee, were approved.

  • Coaches Report: Presented by Ellen Johnston
    1. Backstroke ledges have been installed. They will be removed during non-meet periods. They will be used to have the swimmers practice during regular practice schedules.
    2. Long Course Spring Invitational will be May 11-13 at Wesleyan University and the 9U meet will be at the YMCA on June 7th. The meet announcements have been submitted to CT Swimming. Crimson Tide will be coming from MA with potentially 90 swimmers to the Spring Invitational.
    3. Regionals will be held in Cheshire and the High School Boys FCIAC Trials and Finals are coming up.
    4. This past week there was a threat at Staples High School and also in Fairfield schools. Ellen touched base with many of the swimmer regarding the lock-down to assure that they are OK.
    5. Short Course Zone Championships have changed to qualifying standards instead of the top 3 swimmers and the 11 & Over group is at capacity and they are now taking names for a wait list. There are still some openings in the 10U group.
    6. YMCA Nationals – There are currently 22 qualified so far with 21 committing to attending in Greensboro with the potential of 6 more who may qualify during Seniors. This is the largest group the team has had in many years. With so many more swimmers, it will be more expensive. Ellen requested an additional $5,000 from the budget to accommodate the increase in swimmers. There will also be representatives from the Westport/Weston YMCA attending.

A motion was made by Martha Corneck to grant the Y National Swim Team an additional $5,000 toward 2018 expenses. The motion was seconded by Mark McDermott and all in favor.

RESOLVED that the 2018 YMCA National Swim Team will be awarded $5,000 additional to their budget, all voted in favor and the motion was approved.

  1. Coaches are meeting to determine potential swimmer movements for the Long Course season.
  2. Long Course meet schedule is being developed.
  3. Ellen researching to possibly changing the Pentathlon to a YMCA Championship meet at the same time of year.
  4. Team will be purchasing an update to the Meet Manager software to be more effective.
  • Meet Manager Report: Presented Martha Corneck for Huong Belpedio
    1. Candace Twiss and Andy McNab will be the meet managers for the Spring Invitational.
    2. Looking for an Assistant Meet Manager to be trained this year to take over next year.
  • Officials Report: Presented by Mark McDermott
    1. Updated WRAT website with Adrienne Williams with new officials and those moving up.
    2. 2 additional trainees and 1 additional Stroke & Turn this past month.
    3. March 13th is USA Swimming Stroke & Turn clinic at the Westport YMCA.
    4. Possible YMCA certification clinic in the planning.
  • PET WRAT Report:   Presented by Martha Corneck for Candace Twiss
    1. All points have been posted to family accounts.
    2. There are a few people that need to get started with points and Candace has reached out to them.
  • USA Swimming Manager Report: Presented by Martha Corneck for Adrienne Williams
    1. There are now 222 swimmers on the WRAT roster and all meet billing is up to date.
    2. 8 families are overdrawn for a total of $532 with $192 being the largest amount.
    3. Billed up to 17 meets this year
    4. 1 new potential SR3 swimmer
  • Treasurers’ Report: Presented by Kerry Steele-Rubin
    1. Backstroke ledges have been installed and paid for.
    2. Pentathlon net proceeds are $12,755 which is $4K over budget.
  • Parent & Student Rep Reports:
    1. Pasta dinner for 12U was well attended and the swimmers had fun.
    2. Bowling is set for AG swimmers in March.
  • Co-President’s Report: Presented by Martha Corneck
    1. Recognition night plans are fully underway. SR Reps (Cheryl) will be checking RSVPs at the table; AG Reps will be handling decorations; and, 8U Reps will be managing swimmer gifts.
    2. Kristen has suggested mesh bags for swimmer gifts this year. Approximately 250 will be needed. Graduating Seniors will be given plaques, which is customary.
    3. SR3 swimmers who do not participate in meets have difficulty obtaining their PET WRAT points. Possibly require less points for these swimmers if on a case by case basis and the coach confirms the swimmer does not and will not be swimming meets.
    4. Martha Corneck to get information on a recognition plaque for the observation deck commemorating the donation of the starting blocks and backstroke ledges by the Parents Club. Approximate cost will be between $130 to $300 for the plaque.

Kerry Steele-Rubin moved to adjourn the meeting and Julia Spelman seconded. All voted in favor. The next meeting is slated for April 5th, 2018.


Respectfully submitted
Lorraine Kennedy
Water Rats Parents’ Club