February 2018

Minutes for the Meeting of February 1, 2018

Board Members:

Martha Corneck (Co-President), Ngassam Ngnoumen (Co-President), Dan Lacugna (Co-Treasurer), Lorraine Kennedy (Secretary), Mark McDermott (Officials Co-Coordinator), John Wang (Officials Co-Coordinator), Candace Twiss (PET WRAT Coordinator), Sylvia Ortega (Ex Officio), Jackie Austin (AG Rep), Tricia Begg (SR Rep), Liz West (Recognition Night), Blake Rainey (Athlete Rep), Julia Enright (8/under Rep) and Ellen Johnston (Head Coach).

A quorum was achieved and the meeting was called to order.


Martha Corneck called the meeting to order. Members present reviewed the minutes from January 17th meeting. Martha Corneck motioned to approve the minutes as stated. Mark McDermott seconded the motion.

RESOLVED that the minutes from the January 17th, 2018 meeting, as presented to the Committee, were approved.

  • Coaches Report: Presented by Ellen Johnston
    1. Pancake Breakfast – Scheduled for February 10th
    2. Goodie Bags – Has been a few years since this has been done and would like to re-institute this year.
    3. Championship t-shirt contest – not enough time to execute this year. Will reassess for next year.
    4. Pentathlon wrap up – Feedback has been positive from coaches. By combining sessions on Saturday, costs were reduced and attendance remained stable.
    5. Upcoming meets:
      • Long Course Sprint Invitational at Wesleyan University will be May 11-13
      • Long Course 9U meet will be June 7th
      • Y Nationals in Greensboro currently has 22 qualifiers with the potential of 4 more. Planning is underway
      • Larger group of 8U going to New England Championships this year than in the past
    6. Air quality issues continue to plague the pool. Engineers have been engaged to work through these issues. Some suggestions have been an air evacuator or large fans to circulate the air.
    7. Ellen has been asked to be a coach at the USA Swimming Zone Select Camp at Arizona State. This is quite an honor for both Ellen and the Water Wrat Swim team.
  • Treasurers’ Report: Presented by Dan Lacugna
    1. YTD behind $5K in comparison to last year but parent fees have not been posted yet. Once posted should be slightly ahead and meeting expectations.
  • USA Swimming Manager Report: Presented by Martha Corneck for Adrienne Williams
    1. 189 Escrow families, 221 swimmers; Escrow balance in TU $10,340.88
    2. 4 families overdrawn for a total of $173. Highest overdraw is $92
  • PET WRAT Report:   Presented by Candace Twiss
    1. 43 families have not worked this season; 11 only attended the parent meeting
    2. Sending out reminders to get points before end of season and that Championships are an option
  • Meet Manager Report: Presented Martha Corneck for Huong Belpedio
    1. Issues for next year are security for cash box, pre-meeting or experienced meet manager and to require meet managers to work both days, all sessions of a 2-day meet for continuity. Will develop a timeline checklist and protocol for future meets.
  • Officials Report: Presented by John Wang and Mark McDermott
    1. Good amount of trainees at Pentathlon.
    2. 1 new official; Mark McDermott working on Starter certification
  • Parent Rep Reports:
    1. 8/U Rep Report: Presented Julia Enright – Rock climbing on February 11th.
    2. AG Rep Report: Presented by Jackie Austin – Bowling planned for March 25th. Would like to have payments come directly through TU account.
    3. SR Rep Report:   Presented by Trish Begg – No new information to report
  • Student Athlete Report – Blake Rainey
    1. Suggested possible Laser Tag even at Bowlmor
  • Co-President’s Report: Presented by Martha Corneck
    1. Recognition Banquet April 29, 2018 – Confirmed for April 29th from 4:30 to 7:30. Possibly may need a backup MC. Mike Arman offered to MC again, but will be travelling from a distance to get back in time. May need a stand-in if he is late.
    2. Claudia Grey and Liz West are working on the slide show. A call for pictures will be sent out to parents to assure we have as many swimmers as possible represented in the show and that photographers need to upload their pictures to SmugMug for inclusion. Rolling Hills has equipment for our use for the slide show.
    3. Discuss Openings for Board members and Chairs – Nominating committee will consist of Martha Corneck, Ngassam Ngnoumen, Candace Twiss, Kristen Finnegan.
    4. Championship Pasta Dinners – Dates still to be determined for Senior Team. Age Group and 8U Teams will be consolidated on February 28th.

Candace Twiss moved to adjourn the meeting and Sylvia Ortega seconded. All voted in favor. The next meeting is slated for March 1, 2018.

Respectfully submitted
Lorraine Kennedy
Water Rats Parents’ Club