November 2016

Minutes for the Ordinary Meeting of November 3, 2016

Board Members

Sylvia Ortega (Co-Pres.), Martha Corneck (Co-Pres.), Eileen Brown (Secretary), Adrienne Williams (Escrow Manager), Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Huong Belpedio (8/U Meet Manager), John Wang (Officials Chair), Ngassam Ngnoumen (8/U Parent Rep), Kerri Steele Rubin (Treasurer), Cheryl Smiley (Senior Parent Rep)

Approval of Minutes

Martha Corneck called the meeting to order. Members present reviewed the minutes from October 6, 2016 meeting. Cheryl Smiley motioned to approve the minutes as stated. John Wang seconded the motion.

RESOLVED that the minutes from the October 6, 2016 ,meeting as presented to the Committee was approved.

Coaches Report-Ellen Johnston

Freestyle Frenzy will take place on November 12-13, 2016. 8 teams will be in attendance. 8:45 AM start Saturday for 11/12 boys and 9/10 girls. The session should end at about 11:20 AM. 2:30 start for 9/10 boys and 11/12 Girls. 12:01 PM finish.

Sunday will be all 13 and over with an 8:45 start. Projected swimmer numbers are 163 fort Session I, 166 for Session II and 172 for Session III.

Parking-there will be signs to drop off swimmers in the circle. There will be buses transporting from the Red Barn and the scoreboard is up and running.

Safety questions: Lifeguards are our first defense. Coaches maintain that the warm ups are safe. Non-workers are not allowed on pool deck. Only officials, timers and coaches are allowed on deck during the meet. Safety committee should keep stairwells dry, clean up garbage on deck and have volunteers at doors and on observatory deck. Candace can help fill in those jobs by posting to Team Unify.

WRAT Pink Plunge-we raised almost $3800. Thank you to the Kristin Finnegan, the coaches, and the Parents Club for a successful event.

We will have a Guest Speaker to facilitate our annual planning session in 2017 from the Western Zone of USA Swimming. We are in the Eastern Zone which is an open position so potentially that person should be here in February of 2017 too.

The Red/Blue Meet-Saturday, December 17th. Special Olympic swimmers will participate too. 

Senior Parent Rep Report-Cheryl Smiley

30 seniors attended the gathering and team meeting. Phones were put away to foster bonding. One of the activities was to write something down that no one knows about you. The group also played Charades and worked in groups. The night was a success.

8/Under Parent Rep Report-Ngassam Ngmoumen

Things on the list to do as a team are bowling and team building. The Committee is still discussing the activity and date. The

PET RAT-Candace Twiss

There is nothing new to report. Points are input and up to date.

USA Swimming Report-Adrienne Williams

We have 164 families registered with193 swimmers   High School girls are coming back soon. All meets have been billed. Personalized cap orders are due on Monday, November 10th.

Officials Chair Report-John Wang

Trying to get more officials for the 8/Under age group. He will be doing an email blast to reach out to those parents for help. Ideas were thrown out to get more officials in this age group such as extra PET RAT points, as well as taking pictures of the officials and putting it up on the website to get people interested.

Meet Manager Report-Huong Belpedio

8/Under meet went well. They had $88 in expenses and realized they needed more water and less coffee at the hospitality table for the next meet.

Freestyle Frenzy

32 medals have been ordered. The meet manager is check to see if there is an inventory of Freestyle Frenzy medals from last year. Hospitality budget is set at $1,800.

Co-Presidents Report-Sylvia Ortega and Martha Corneck

The Citrus fundraising orders have been placed. Sylvia ordered 20 extra towels for the towel fundraiser to have extra on hand if people forgot to order them.

A bake sale was suggested for the Red/Blue meet to raise money for the Y Nationals.

The suggestion of getting team sponsors was brought up. Sylvia suggested an email blast to see who would like to work on the committee. It would be composed of 3-4 people.

Motion to Adjourn-Martha Corneck

Sylvia Ortega seconded the motion.