October 2016

Minutes for the Ordinary Meeting of October 6, 2016

Board Members

Sylvia Ortega (Co-Pres.), Martha Corneck (Co-Pres.), Eileen Brown (Secretary), Tricia Begg (Senior Rep), Adrienne Williams (Escrow Manager), Lori Blessey (8/U Team Parent Rep), Lorraine Kennedy (ex-Officio), Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Candace Twiss (Pet-Wrat Coordinator), John Belpedio (co-Treasurer), Cheryl Smiley (Senior Rep), Hannah Arman (Student Rep), Ngassam Ngnoumen (8/under Rep) John Wang (Co-Officials Coordinator), and Tracy Keblish (Co-Officials Coordinator).

Approval of Minutes

Sylvia called the meeting to order. Members present reviewed the minutes from the September 8, 2016 meeting. Lorraine Kennedy motioned to approve the minutes as stated. Candace Twiss seconded the motion.

RESOLVED that the minutes from, the September 8, 2016 meeting as presented to the Committee were approved.

Coaches Report-Ellen Johnston

Jay Jaronko was going to speak at the meeting because September 8th was the Westport Weston Family YMCA’s second anniversary. Ellen spoke on his behalf. Jay was so appreciative of the Parents Club for being a steady support to the YMCA.

There are 194 WRAT swimmers. 4 to 6 will come back after the high school season which will bring the total close to 200.

8/U Meet coming up on 10/9. 83 swimmers are entered consisting of Weston, Greenwich Dolphins, Bridgeport/Stratford YMCA, and the Fairfield YMC. Coach Kristen organized the meet.

Scoreboard panel still needs to be repaired as names do not currently appear in the heats. Shin Myoshi, the CFO will check the warranty to see if it’s covered.

Cancer Awareness Intra-Squad Meet will be an opportunity for the 8/U to give community service a try as well as the entire team. They will keep it fun. Members can make cash or check donations made payable to Parents Club and can be put into a pink pail. The donations will be divided between Nora Pfriem and the Y’s Survivorship Fund. Kristen is taking the lead on this event too. Refreshments will be served to the parents from the Parents’ Club.

Speedo Contract offered the Parents’ Club a 2016 Olympian Speaker targeted for February 4, 2017. We could make the pancake breakfast that morning for the swimmers

Coaches Report-Ellen Johnston (continued)

to listen to the speaker and perhaps have him/her speak the afternoon of the 8/U meet scheduled for February 5, 2017.

Fundraising Ideas-There was a discussion about bringing back goodie bags as a fundraiser. Adrienne Williams suggested a bake sale during the Intra-Squad meet on December 17, 2016.

Treasurer Report-John Belpedio

The Treasurers are working diligently to continue to reconcile the accounts and get banking access. The Parents Club has met their budgeted income numbers for PetWRAT fees for the 2016/2017 season.

Parents Reps Reports Several spoke

Ellen wants to meet with the Parents Reps on 10/21. The meeting would be held at the Y. Scott wants to go bowling again. Sports Plex in Fairfield and Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Norwalk were 2 other ideas. Budget for 8/U is $850, Age Group is $1200 and Seniors is $1,000. The Senior team is having a pasta dinner this coming week.

Pet-WRAT-Candace Twiss

Candace presented the pet WRAT Points Document which documented how many points a parent can receive from doing particular tasks. A lively discussion occurred as to which activities should be eliminated altogether such as Meet Announcer because they are only needed at Y Nationals. Concession Meet manager is not needed because Aggie takes care of it. Concessions Chair for 8U/9U has been put on hiatus. Thinking of adding a gym/swim monitor for home meets. 5 points for an Off Deck Swim Supervisor who helps in the gym and On Deck Swim Supervisor who helps organize the swimmers on deck. The new document will be put up on the web page.

USA Swimming-Adrienne Williams

The Team Unify system is up to date. There are 194 swimmers coming from 163 families and everyone has been charged their USA Swim Fees

Meet Manager Report Huong Belpedio

The WRAT 8/U meet is all set for Sunday, October 9th.

Officials Report John Wang and Lorraine Kennedy

The Officials are actively recruiting new officials. We have a Starter clinic set up for the Westport YMCA. The current rosters of Officials are working on their renewal status for the upcoming year.

Co-Presidents Report-Sylvia Ortega and Martha Corneck

The Co-Presidents discussed the upcoming Citrus Sale returning and WRAT towels. The Co-President will be meeting with the Co-chairs for Citrus and towels next week. The Parent Social is scheduled for the home of the Even family for Friday November 4. Ellen has scheduled a facilitator from USA Swimming due to our status as a Bronze medal club for February so that the club may work on Planning and Evaluation for the upcoming year. All Board vacancies seem to be covered aside from YNATs and SSI meet manager which we can wait until the dates get closer. There are a few people interested in both positions.

A motion was made by Sylvia Ortega to approve the updated slate of co-chairs for the current 2016/2017 season. It was seconded by Martha Corneck. All in favor.

The meeting was adjoined by Lorraine Kennedy and seconded by John Wang. All in Favor. The next meeting will be held on November 3 at 7:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Eileen Brown