November 2015

Minutes for the Board Meeting of November 5, 2015

Board Members

Sylvia Ortega (Co-Pres), Andy McNab (Ex Officio), Candace Twiss(Pet WRAT), Martha Corneck, (Co Pres), John Meehan (co-Treasurer), Eileen Brown (Age Group Rep), Liz West (Senior Rep), Tracey Keblish (Officials Co-Chair), Sari Berkowitz (Age Group Rep), Adrienne Williams (WRAT Escrow Manager), and Lorraine Kennedy (Officials Co-Chair). Ellen Johnston (YMCA Director of Competitive Swimming) was also present.

Approval of Minutes

Martha Corneck reported that the October 1 meeting minutes would be circulated via email for vote.

The minutes that were sent by Martha Corneck along with Mrs. Corneck making a motion to approve the October minutes. Sylvia Ortega seconded the motion and carried it was:

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting dated October 1st, 2015 as presented to the Committee via email vote were approved.

Coaches Report

Ellen Johnston discussed that registration was still up and running as new swimmers are trying out to date. The planning and preparations for the upcoming Freestyle Frenzy are underway for a successful meet. The group also discussed future fundraising and traveling expenditures for away meets in order to assist swimmers that have attained a certain level of competition. Ellen also reported on some new ideas she has to expand the program and her budget ideas for 2016.

Treasurer’s Report

John Meehan reported that the registration status is a little short of projected; however financially the club is ok. He said he has a list of outstanding payments needed for Pet WRAT which he will circulate to the Presidents. He will be able to report on the Oct. 8/under meet and the Freestyle Frenzy next month.

Martha Corneck reported that the Form 990 return is final and completed and she will bring a copy to the next meeting to be reviewed by the Board. She also stated that the Club had a very successful year as discussed at the last meeting.

Sylvia Ortega also noted that the Anne Atkinson account has been a great asset to many swimmers and has not been replenished in the past few years. She noted that it has helped many swimmers and families in their times of need so that their children can accomplish their potential in this sport. Mrs. Ortega made a motion to reallocate half the net income from the prior year to the Anne Atkinson account for the benefit of future swimmers. Martha Corneck seconded the motion and all were in favor.

RESOLVED that the minutes half the net income reported from fiscal year 2015 will be allocated to the Anne Atkinson account for the benefit of future swimmers as the need is presented vote was approved.

Parent Reps Report

Sari Berkowitz and Eileen Brown discussed the Crazy Big Swim fundraiser and its success and good times had by swimmers and parents. Martha Corneck also reported that the Homes with Hope sent the WRATs an email in appreciation for the team raking completed at the Linxweiler House. The senior team just had a pasta party and team event. There are plans for more socials and upcoming pasta parties.


Candace Twiss reported that she is currently figuring things out as we head into meet season, and making adjustments to the website as needed. No further issues to discuss.

USA Swimming Manager

Adrienne Williams reported that the accounts are all in a positive balance and up to date. She expects the Citibank accounts to be updated soon.

Meet Manager

Adrienne Johnston reported that she is all set for the meet. She will be purchasing additional stopwatches and identifying them as Water Rat watches.

Co-President’s Report

Sylvia Ortega acknowledged the Board vote via email that changed the fundraiser to the ESPN magazine drive. She thanked Eileen Brown for agreeing to chair the Committee. The Board discussed various ideas on how to gain momentum.

Sylvia Ortega also discussed the potential change for the Recognition Night 2016. We are going to look at different venues and Sheila Stolarski and Eileen Brown have agreed to serve on the subcommittee to investigate and report back to the Board.

Finally Sylvia Ortega discussed bringing the tradition of the WRAT newsletter back to the team. She is planning to discuss with the senior team at practice to see if one or more will spearhead the project in order to earn high school credit for the Arts. The Board discussed this project and thought it was a great idea.