September 2013

Minutes for the Board Meeting of September 5, 2013


Michael Arman, Martha Corneck, Catherine Cunningham, Chris Gannon, Ellen Johnston, Lisa Krakoff, Dana McCreesh, Andy McNab (Co-President), Sylvia Ortega, Kathy Santarella, Adrienne Williams(Co-President), and Nicky Wisher. Parents: Diana Coyne, Megan Loffredo.
Approval of Minutes

Andy McNab moved to approve July 9, 2013 minutes; Seconded by Kathy Santarella. Approved unanimously.

 PET-WRAT Report

Kathy Santarella said that the original $11,370 in fines from early summer has now been reduced to $6,000 and that to date approximately $3,000 have been collected. As for SuperMeets, it is no longer in use as of August 15, 2013. We are now operational on Team Unify with roll out to parents and emails to be sent at end of this month. Parents will create new login to use as before to opt out of meets and to volunteer at meets.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon had said that all meet information is entered. We are writing off some amounts for some 7 Age Group families that were unfamiliar with the opt-out system and where entered in meets that they were unaware of. Around $4,000 is owed by some 24 families who have $200-$400 in overdue entry fees. Lisa Krakoff and Kathy Santarella volunteered to request payment from those returning families at Wrat Expo. (There was some success with this TB reported at October meeting.)

Parent Representative’s Report

Reps had nothing to report.

Meet Chair Report

Catherine Cunningham indicated that she is working with Nicky to order trophies for the Freestyle Frenzy.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston updated us on:

– Meets: for 8/U was moved from 10/20 to 10/13 and approved by CT Swimming. This allows attendance at Eastern State training. Administrative referees will be needed this season – our current referees are grandfathered, but we will need to add parents, who will have to fulfill testing and vetting requirements. Schedule should be finalized by week of 9/16.

– Tryouts: Tryouts were held early on Tuesday, September 3 with once again a large turnout of approx. 120 swimmers. Placement will be sent on 9/6 and invitations to WRAT Expo included. There were 80 cuts necessary.

– Registration: packages to new swimmers are being sent now. Lisa and Kathy will use lists at Wrat Expo registration to check for Pet-Wrat and USA Swimming fines and direct parents to tables.

– Team Unify: Coach Mark Sedlak with Kathy Santarella’s help is busy finalizing and will populate with registration data. Emails will be sent about 2 weeks with instructions as to how to set up family account.

– Other: US Aquatics Convention is being held, where USA Swimming dues are to be discussed as well as format of sectionals. Peter Clark, our Eastern Zone Development Officer, is coming to run development seminars 10/4 and 10/5 at Christ & Holy Trinity.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported

– Budget 2013/14: was presented with account numbered and coded for ease in review. It showed net income of $24K. The 990 is scheduled to be completed this quarter.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Adrienne Williams said:

– WRAT Expo: we are set to run at C&HT on Sunday, September 8th from 2-4:30pm.

– USA Swimming Designation: remains at the Bronze level even though this year we were designated as a Level 2 Swim Club and therefore eligible for Silver status. USA Swimming had a number of clubs attain Level 2 status but limit the number to be awarded silver status. Barbara Wiederecht has volunteered to work with Ellen Johnston and Adrienne Williams to attain silver in 2014.

Post Meeting Business conducted via email by Adrienne Williams included:

– Pet-WRAT Coordinator: as Liz West could not attend meeting on 9/5/13, Adrienne confirmed that she would indeed fill volunteer slot for this year and put it to a vote to board. Motion was seconded by Andy McNab and approved on 9/7/3013.

– Parent Social: was changed to Friday, September 27th at 7:30 and now hosted by Vanessa Valadares. All board members approved of last minute changes on 9/7/2013.

– Garret Weller-Gale Swim Clinic: will be offered 9/28/2013. Since our board has discussed using some of our surplus to further enhance the club experience for swimmers and parents, Adrienne Williams offered this opportunity to participate in swim clinic and nutrition related seminars hosted by this ex-Beijing Olympian and gold medalist.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff