July 2013

Minutes for the Board Meeting of July 9, 2013


Martha Corneck, Sheila Duffy, Sydney Hunter, Ellen Johnston, Lisa Krakoff, Kathy Santerella, Cheryl Smiley, Adrienne Williams(Co-President), Ronald Wimer, and Nicky Wisher. Parents: Diana Coyne.

Approval of Minutes

Ronald Wimer moved to approve June 6, 2013 minutes; Seconded by Martha Corneck. Approved unanimously.


Kathy Santarella reported that we have a record $11,370 in fines for some 60 swimmers. There may be some error as some families may have withdrawn or total needs to be adjusted for injury, graduating seniors or midseason withdrawals. These adjustments may reduce total fines to be collected by 10-20 percent. Nonetheless, volunteer opportunities exceed the required points to be earned. This indicates that some families are not volunteering and a few have had to exceed volunteer commitment in order to support our meets.

Overall, there are some 613 volunteer opportunities equivalent to 6,539 points, but based on 2012/2013 roster only 4,265 volunteer points required of families. Upon review of 8/Under group, it was noted that there are 970 points that can be earned from some 96 volunteer opportunities. Based on roster total parent volunteer point requirement is only 614 points for 8/Under parents. While seniors have been a source of most fines in past, Age Group families had most fines this season.

Means to collect fines and reduce fines in future were discussed. It seemed that Expo would be best opportunity to remind returning parents of importance of volunteer commitment and collect fines from returning registrants.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon’s report was shared by Adrienne Williams, who noted that there was some $4,000 in depleted swimmer accounts. The latter is due to somewhat higher long course entry fees and entries collected early in season. Parents who have account balances will be contacted by phone and email. The championship meets, Pentathlon and Seniors still need to be entered.

Parent Representative’s Report

No new news from Age Group Representatives – Sydney Hunter and Sheila Duffy.

Meet Chair Report

Nicky Wisher reported that all is wrapped up and we had very profitable and well-run meets this season. It was noted that we had some local Ys like New Canaan to thank for helping us when we had some obstacles to overcome like equipment failures. Ron Wimer suggested offering a free invitational meet upon opening of new WWFY in 2014 for those that have helped us in face of natural disaster and an aging facility.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston updated us on several activities relative to integration of our swim team with the changing needs of our WWFY.

– Logo: Our Water Rat will have to be retired within the next year but may be used for fundraising opportunities from former swim team members and parents.

– Registration: WWFY through Jay Jaranko is producing registration package so that it resembles all materials that members receive from the WWFY. Ellen provided draft copy. Ron will work with Jay and upload on the website. Prior to registration, we will be asking all swimmers to indicate their intention to return by 8/15 on Super Meets. Registration will begin sometime in August. Parents will pay their child’s Y registration fee online. We will have parents make all other payments (PC fee and USA Swimming Escrow) by check at Expo. Expo will be on Sunday, September 8, 2013. Details to follow in August.

– Tryouts: Tryouts will be Tuesday, September 3. Those that signup early will be given a time slot and a reduced registration fee. Drop-ins will be registered by Wrats Parent Club and will be assigned slot at end of tryout session. Short Course is expected to begin Monday, September 16th.

– Practice Schedules: Ellen is trying to move senior practice time from 7:30-9:30pm slot in the second session of the Short Course season. More information to follow.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported a greater profit than expected of $12K. We did much better than planned on our meets and with our fundraisers. We sent fewer swimmers to Y Nationals. For 2013-14 Budget Adrienne wanted to allocate some of extra funds to equipment account.

– Budget 2013-14: was presented and reviewed. Slight changes were made. Martha Corneck moved and Ron Wimer seconded. Budget unanimously approved.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Presented by Adrienne Williams:

– Wrat Expo: Team Unify is not going to be fully operational for a zero error registration process. We will, therefore, resurrect Wrat Expo to be run Sunday, September 8 in afternoon at Christ & Holy Trinity. Parents will be notified and forewarned to bring their checkbook – no credit cards. We will offer apparel and allow meet signup in order to entice parents to come to Expo.

Adjournment: moved by Lisa Krakoff; seconded by Kathy Santerella; and voted in favor by all.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff