October 2013

Minutes for the Board Meeting of October 3, 2013


Michael Arman, Martha Corneck, Catherine Cunningham, Charlie Fraas, Chris Gannon, Ellen Johnston, Lisa Krakoff, Whitney Lenoce , Dana McCreesh, Andy McNab (Co-President), Sylvia Ortega, Kathy Santarella, Liz West, Adrienne Williams(Co-President), and Nicky Wisher. Parents: Diana Coyne and Megan Loffredo.

Approval of Minutes

Kathy Santarella moved to approve September 5, 2013 minutes; Adrienne Williams seconded motion. Approved unanimously.


Liz West reported that she felt up to speed for responsibilities of job thanks to help from Kathy.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon reported that checks are done.

Parent Representative’s Report

Whitney Lenoce said that new families had been called and welcomed to the team. Everyone enjoyed the parent social (scheduled early) and the clinic offered to the kids. Charlie Fraas reported some questions from Age Group parents:

– Team Transfers: As some new team members have come to us from Norwalk, it was not clear how these swimmers are designated by CT Swimming and if they are eligible to swim right away. Transfers can swim unattached and are full members of our team after 120 days per USA Swimming. Families should go online to CT Swimming to change team affiliation.

– Team Unify: Not all parents able to get in, since some emails not current. There seemed to be some confusion that new system is NOT opt-out system, but a declaration of participation.

– Coaching/Lessons: Some parents have inquired how they can enhance their children’s experience with private lessons. Parent should ask their coaches as to what is best to help make their kids as successful as they would like on the team. Especially in integrating new swimmers, questions should be directed to coaches regarding terms and techniques. While we have filmed swimmers in past, there are no current plans to resume, although parents should look to have their swimmers participate not just fully in practice but in the clinics offered throughout season.

– Feedback: Given the volume of Age Group Parents’ communications to representatives, it was suggested that more formal feedback be requested with questions in Parent/ Swimmer Satisfaction Survey that are more customized based on questions or concerns expressed by parents. It was recommended that Charlie Fraas, Adrienne Johnston, and Sylvia Ortega form a committee to put together better questions for our February survey. The latter was moved by Adrienne Williams and seconded by Lisa Krakoff; all voted in favor.

Meet Coordinator Report

Catherine Cunningham, said that she had been brought up to speed by Nicky Wisher. 8/U Meet for October 13th all set, other that a few more volunteers needed. Medals have been ordered. Catherine asked if computer system was ready and Coach Ellen said she would confirm.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston reported that we are now a team of 206 swimmers. Rosters are being updated for new members and deletions or changes. USA Swimming entries are expected to be in next week. It was noted that Ellen with the assistance of Barbara Weiderecht and Adrienne is going to apply to have our Club Recognition Level upgraded from Level 2 to Level 3. We are also applying to become a Bronze Level swim club again via the USA Swimming Club Excellence Program.

– Colorado Timing System: needed a $500 investment to be in good working order – new buttons and microphone among improvements. We will have to borrow touch pads for Freestyle Frenzy.

– Team Unify: so far seems to be working well, although minor glitches with some emails are being fixed.
– Coaches: biographies will be updated by Frisk Driscoll. We have added a new part-time coach from Fairfield Warde for the 8/Unders.

– Short Course Meets: CT Y-States is scheduled for February 15th due to availability at Wesleyan, which may conflict with the Q Meet. We will ask CT Swimming to move the date (approval has since been received).

– Practice Schedules: will remain the same especially for Seniors. The Staples pool due to Westport Park & Rec will not be available for practices M-Th. Long term when we move to Mahackeno the size of our team and all Y-programming will be included in planning for new pool usage to ensure that swim team practices can all be accommodated in our new facility.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported that $46K in PET-WRAT fees have been collected. Noncompliance was now at $2.4K. This quarter we are scheduled to make another installment payment of $5K to our BWM commitment. For our budget we will increase officials expenses and amounts for socials. We should think about what portion of our surplus is safely left as surplus and what amount may be reinvested in team and on what enrichment areas should benefit from expenditure.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Adrienne Williams said that another email should be sent to emphasize that Team Unify is now a meet declaration system NOT opt-out. Otherwise, system seems to be working well.

– Socials: for 8/Unders and Age Group swimmers can be enhanced or rather more offered, as funds available. It is up to parent representatives to schedule. For Seniors it was suggested that perhaps a pasta dinner after practice would be nice either 1st or 8th a Friday in November. Ellen will designate.

– Citrus Sale: is currently in progress.

– Blue & Red Meet: will be the Saturday prior to Christmas – Dec 21st

– Ronald Wimer will post approved minutes for the 2013-14 seasons.

– Lisa Krakoff indicated that she cannot be present at the November parent board meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff