February 2013

Minutes from Board Meeting on February 7, 2013


Martha Corneck, Adrienne Williams, Andy McNab, Ronald Wimer, Sheila Duffy, Liz West, Sydney Hunter, Kathy Santarella, Kristen Adams, Chris Gannon, Diana Coyne, Megan Loffredo, Mark Sedlak, Lisa Krakoff and Ellen Johnston.

Approval of Minutes

Ronald Wimer moved to approve January 3, 2013 minutes, Seconded by Martha Corneck, and voted unanimously for approval.

Nominating Committee Slate

Catherine Cunningham (Chair), Nicky Wisher, Adrienne Johnston, and Diana Coyne was voted unanimously for approval, moved by Ron Wimer and seconded by Lisa Krakoff.

WRAT Recognition Night

Planning underway by AG Reps.

  • Stiles will cater dinner.
  • Budget of $3,500 for dinner, cleanup crew, technical support, and other fees.
  • Awards budget is approx. $2,200
  • Set for April 26, 2013 at Bedford Middle School


Kathy Santarella said volunteering was going smoothly with only about 7 families not in volunteer system.

USA Swimming Coordinator’s Report

Chris Gannon noted that meets all entered and up-to-date. The goal is to finalize USA Swimming registration fee reconciliation and release funds for USA entries in next week or so as quickly as possible. Ellen will notify Chris of the correct amount so the check can be sent. Ellen will also verify the remaining funds to be paid the club from registration and a third round of checks will then be issued.

Meet Coordinator’s Report

Adrienne, on behalf of Nicky Wisher, indicated that all on track for getting volunteers for the Qualifier, although we could you use more volunteers for the afternoon session.

Coaches’ Report

Presented by Ellen Johnston:

• 8/Under coaching coverage seems to be working well with Kristin Finnegan and 2 other coaches helping out.

• Senior Invitational slated for May 17-19 at Wesleyan.

• 10/Under Meet June 20th.

• LC bids are due Feb 28th, will only bid on 2 meets noted above.

• Team Unify in process of implementation. Will likely test with a mock meet and then be utilized for Senior Invitational. Next parent usage will be phased in and lastly the Wrat volunteer system will be integrated. All to be fully implemented by start of short course 2013-2014.

• Other – Noted that team picture would be moved to Thursday, March 14. Goodie bags and T-shirt order forms will be available soon.

Treasurer’s Report

Presented by Martha Corneck. 1099 reporting completed. Collecting Pentathlon checks. Despite some unexpected expenses with Hurricane Sandy, PC will still likely to generate a surplus this year.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Presented by Adrienne Williams provided in Planning and Evaluation.

Annual Planning and Evaluation Meeting

Began with an introduction by Adrienne Williams of purpose and role of Water Rat Parent Club—primarily to provide volunteer support needed to run swim meets and provide financial support via fundraising to support Swim Team activities. The Parent Club is its own 501(c)3. Adrienne described how the Parent Club is organized to achieve these goals.
2012 Survey – presented findings regarding:

– Affiliation – noted we have a very high retention rate.

– Satisfaction with Swim Team Program – seemed to be high across all areas with opportunity to further enhance coach to parent communication of team and athlete goals.

– Communications – majority of parents appreciate multiple levels of communication – website to blasts. The P&E questions revealed that there was a requirement for the coaches to be more informative on changes to the swimming schedule.\

– Team Spirit – has been strengthened this year. More opportunity for socials might also include parent socializing within age groups. Will implement personal phoning and greeting new families to team in 2013.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff