March 2013

Minutes from Board Meeting on March 5, 2013


Ellen Johnston, Diana Coyne, Karin Keith, Sydney Hunter, Adrienne Williams, Andy McNab, Ronald Wimer, Chris Gannon, Martha Corneck, Catherine Cunningham, Whitney Lenoce, Mark Sedlak, Megan Loffredo, David Blansfield, Kathy Santarella, and Lisa Krakoff. Guests: Rob Reeves and Jay Jaranko.

Westport Weston Family Y Swim Program Update

Rob Reeves introduced the new Senior Program Director, Jay Jaranko. Both Rob and Jay discussed changes in WWFY management that are being planned to improve quality of service delivery, efficiency, and promote professionalism. From a human resource perspective responsibilities and job descriptions will be documented and reviewed with employees. All coaches are employees of the Y and are managed by the Y that would include Water Rat Swim Team Coaches.

Rob wanted to meet with the Water Rat Parent Board to assure parents that any issues concerning retention of coaches would be addressed. He acknowledged that a group of Age Group parents had contacted Y management through a letter sent to our Water Rats Board Presidents – Adrienne Williams and Andy McNab, expressing concern about continuity in coaching especially in light of some disruptions in program that has occurred over last 3 years due to: firing of head coach, loss of use of facility, and other disruption due to natural disasters such as Irene and Sandy.

Essentially, swim team parents should address concerns about coaching to team Head Coach Ellen Johnston. If Ellen cannot address the concern, she will work with Jay Jaranko to resolve any given situation. Otherwise, the Wrats Parents Club has no involvement in personnel issues, such as benefits, salary or retention. We can advocate when there is an issue of service. All parents are encouraged to attend our monthly Water Rat Parent Board Meetings to better understand the Y Swim Program. It is inappropriate for coaches to discuss employment status and compensation with parents.

Approval of Minutes

Martha Corneck moved to approve February 7, 2013 minutes; Seconded by Kathy Santarella; and voted unanimously for approval.


Kathy Santarella reported that as we approach end of short course season that there are 25% of families that have not volunteered at all.

USA Swimming Coordinator’s Report

Chris Gannon said that we needed to properly identify those remaining families who have not paid Y-USA fees and email them. Fees for Regionals still outstanding. Noted that Connecticut Swimming has not cashed our check for registrations. It was suggested that Ellen follow-up to make sure all is well. 8/U February 17th championship still outstanding.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston reported that Regionals was very successful with a number of Age Group kids making time cuts. YMCA New Englands for 12&U has been rescheduled at Springfield College March 17-23. March schedule to be revised for meets and practices alike.

– Bids for Senior Spring Invitationals are in for May 17-19. Age Group Meet scheduled for June 20th.

– Maura Marden Classic is an adult relay race scheduled for March 17th.

– Noted for SC that we will need to train, certify and provide a new Administrative Referee, who will focus on managing scratches, the timing system, resolving any timing issues, etc. Not as intensive vetting as required of officials. As many as 6 trained referees may be needed.

-Team Unify test plan must be designed and implemented. Unfortunately, it is not likely to be used during LC; might be ready for SC 2013. Parents Club would like to see test plan finalized and executed as soon as possible. Mark Sedlak and software developer to complete latter task. We should request a bid from software developer as well as timeframe for creating seamless interface with WRAT website and Team Unify, before work undertaken.

– Practice Schedule Long Course is being worked on and will be modified to reflect unavailability of Mahackeno pool.

– Clinics will be offered once again between SC and LC seasons.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck noted that it was a quiet month. We are finalizing collection of Age Group Qualifier visiting team fees. We expect an unbudgeted profit of around $2.5K. Otherwise, expense and income are on target.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Adrienne Williams reported:

– Nominating Committee work is in full progress with some very good interest.

– Recognition Night plans are on track. Suggested that Senior Reps take on invitations. May still need to enlist help with food replenishment during event.

– Socials Age Group will be held in April. 8/U have pizza party scheduled for March 16.

– 8/U Coach problem has not been solved. Ellen and Mark need to resolve.

– Gifts were discussed as we generally provide holiday cash gifts and another at end of SC season at banquet. Since our coaching staff has been stretched this swim year – doing more with less especially in light of some Y budget constraints, Parents Club is considering a third cash gift, that used to be provided at end of Long Course. After discussion, a third onetime cash gift at end of LC due to the difficult year seemed to find favor. We will vote on proposal at next meeting.

– Code of Conduct violation was discussed. Ron Wimer moved that the parent in question be sanctioned and David Blansfield seconded motion. All voted in favor of Adrienne Williams meeting with parent in question (possibly with a coach present) to discuss our policies relative to conduct and the aggressive behavior witnessed. Adrienne will make the judgment as to whether parent should be banned from pool deck for remainder of SC season.

– Other: Adrienne Williams will use some of President’s discretionary funds to send flowers to a swim team parent recovering from surgery.

Parents Club voted via email to keep cost of WRAT Recognition Night the same as last year: $20 per adult; $10 per swimmer; and a maximum of $50 for family of 4 or more.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff