January 2013

Minutes from Board Meeting on January 3, 2013


Karin Keith, Adrienne Williams, Andy McNab, Ronald Wimer, Martha Corneck, Sheila Duffy, Cheryl Smiley Bacon, Sydney Hunter, Kathy Santerella, Karin Keith, Chris Gannon, Nicky Wisher, Diana Coyne, Megan Loffredo, and Ellen Johnston.

Approval of Minutes

December 6, 2012 minutes unanimously approved.


Kathy Santarella noted that are 172 families in system with 9 that have not yet registered. A couple of new swimmers joined the team this month and one is moving to California.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon said we are up to date with all meets. We are still shy about $2100 of USA Swimming fees from registration.

Meet Manager’s Report

Nicky Wisher reported that we are all set for volunteers for the Pentathlon.

Coaches’ Report

Presented by Ellen Johnston:

• Ellen will follow up with Denise Stevens to get the outstanding PC and USA Swimming fees not yet paid to the Parents’ Club from registration.

• Pentathlon – 7 teams attending. Mike DiNapoli or one of his employees will be in attendance to run the timing system. Colorado timing system is working. One power source and three pads out. Will need to borrow the three pads from another team.

• Pancake Breakfast – tentatively scheduled for Saturday February 2nd.

• Working with Tracy Keblish, the Y Nats Coordinator, on a Y Nats fundraiser selling WRAT Grocery Bags and Goodie Bags for Championships.

• Team Unify deployed. Next step is for the coaches to get tutorials. Hope is to get the system online for team use by Long Course.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck discussed last month’s activity, which mainly focused on paying officials’ expenses. Overall the club is in good shape. The 8/u meet did not meet budget figures but the loss was small. If we did not have to pay Wesleyan $2700 to rent the pool for the Freestyle Frenzy would have met budget projections for that meet. Expecting the 990 soon as it needs to be signed and submitted this month.

Co-Presidents’ Report’

Presented by Adrienne Williams:

• P&E meeting will be held prior to or following the Board’s monthly meeting on February 7th. The meeting will be an open forum where the Club Board discusses the status of team and ways the Parents’ Club can better support it. This year we will examine some of the issues raised in last year’s survey, including, among other things, team communication, team spirit, and satisfaction with the Y’s swim program. We will also talk about the structure of the Parents’ Club. A notice will be posted on the website early next week so the members of the Club are given at least thirty days notice about it as required by the bylaws.

• Nominating committee needs to be established. Adrienne will contact people to be on the committee and the slate of candidates will be presented to the board for approval at the February 7th meeting.

• Date of Recognition Night will be on April 26th at BMS. The date and time has been confirmed with BMS. The AG reps will order the food and awards, and deal with the invitations.

• 8/u and AG socials will probably be scheduled the weekend of March 22nd. A Save the date for the socials as well as the Pancake Breakfast and Recognition Night will be posted shortly.

Respectfully submitted,
Adrienne Williams, on behalf of Lisa Krakoff 1/8/13