December 2012

Minutes from Board Meeting on December 6, 2012


Lisa Krakoff, Adrienne Williams, Andy McNab, Ronald Wimer, Betsy Auray, Whitney Lenoce, Sydney Hunter, Kathy Santerella, Karin Keith, Chris Gannon and Ellen Johnston.

Approval of Minutes

November 8, 2012. Motioned by Ron Wimer; seconded by Kathy Santerella. Approved unanimously.


Kathy Santarella noted that are 170 families in system with 7 to 9 that have not yet registered.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon said we are up to date with all meets. We are not able to pay out of USA Swimming escrow for meet entries until we receive check from the Y.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston gave Chris a check from the Y for the funds for the USA Swimming Escrow Accounts from monies paid at registration. Approximately 30 families still need to complete registration or be verified from DAXCO; payment discrepancies remain and no doubt require manual adjustment. Ellen will complete list of paid families.

Meets –

  • 8/U Meet in New London was well attended.
  • Red/Blue Meet is postponed to Saturday, 12/22 at 10am. We hope to include White (pre-team) group. A suggestion was made to serve hot chocolate and/or provide light holiday nosh that morning to thank kids and parents due to disruptions caused by Superstorm Sandy.

Team Unify – We have looked into using and now timetable needs to be established for implementation. Meet entries will be especially critical.

Communications – It was suggested that there be Age Group news just as frequent as what is provided by Ellen for seniors – 2x month. The latter will be discussed with Mark to ensure a smooth season and tighter sense of team community.

Treasurer’s Report

Presented by Adrienne Williams on behalf of Martha Corneck. Ellen presented Club with check for PC WRAT fees collected at registration. We also discussed need to be more on top of the surcharge payment made for meets so that we may get a more timely return of these prepaid monies. Wesleyan has charged us $2695 for very kindly accommodating our Freestyle Frenzy last month. The current 990 seems to have been returned to WWFY and needs to be located for signatures and finalization before year-end.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Citrus Sale was very successful—approx. $2,458 profit, with 3 families, as top sellers, earning PET-Wrat points. Kathy Santerella will update their accounts.

Planning and Evaluation done annually per our bylaws must be discussed and organized for February meeting in 2013.

Questions we may want to consider are:

  • What relationship should Water Rats Swim Team and Water Rat Parent Board have with the WWFY?
  • Is it time to think about our strategic mission and what our program is all about since we are moving to a new facility?
  • Should we establish a small group to set agenda and identify a facilitator for our P&E meeting?

Adrienne Williams moved that we set a date for 2/12/13 and will ask current and former WRAT parents to join a committee to propose meeting focus and agenda. Ron seconded motion; all voted in favor.

Nominating committee needs to be established. Adrienne has contacted a parent to see if he/she will be the Chair.

Date of Recognition Night proposed for either 4/26/13 or 5/3/13 at BMS. Adrienne will contact BMS to firm up a date.

8/u and AG socials should perhaps occur between end of short course and start of long course in 2013.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff, 12/18/12