November 2012

Minutes from Board Meeting on November 8, 2012


Lisa Krakoff, Adrienne Williams, Andy McNab, Ronald Wimer, Nicky Wisher, Chris Gannon, Karen Keith, Betsy Auray, Kathy Santarella, Sheila Duffy, Martha Corneck, Cheryl Smiley and Ellen Johnston.

Approval of Minutes

October 4, 2012. Motioned by Andy McNab; seconded by Ronald Wimer. Accepted unanimously.


Presented by Kathy Santarella. We have 150 families in SuperMeets. Mostly all have registered; emails sent to remind families to register. Reminder email for volunteering at Freestyle Frenzy will be sent via Supermeets.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Presented by Chris Gannon announced that we are still awaiting dollars from WWFY. IMX requests not available.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston updated us on status of Y after Superstorm Sandy.

Freestyle Frenzy – Nov 10-11. Wesleyan will allow us to host at their fabulous pool.
Likely to use 9 lanes. No concessions. Agreed to collect change etc.. for Hurricane relief for Al’s Angels.

Team Unify – Ellen mentioned the difficulty of doing meet entries while the Y is closed because the Hytek/Supermeets software is not web-based. For that reason, Andy asked the board to consider paying for the Team Unify platform for the coaches’ backoffice work. This internet-based system is in use at Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien Ys. The cost for the program is $1100 a year. Adrienne Williams moved that we look into purchasing Team Unify as soon as possible; Lisa Krakoff seconded motion to subscribe to service. Voted unanimously for approval.

Practice Schedule will be issued end of month as Park&Rec swimming schedule verified and therefore availability of Staples Pool confirmed. Interim practice schedules will be emailed weekly, until Y reopens.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck discussed the financial activity of the club for the past month. WRAT USA and PET WRAT checks will be ready next week for deposit per Ellen.

Co-Presidents’ Report

• Citrus Sale projected to make about $2,000.

• Student Representative to be revisited at January 2013 meeting.

• Blue/Red meet may be rescheduled Christmas week.

• Meetings for 2013 may be at Christ & Holy Trinity as Y using all available space to continue programs like childcare, until repairs to facility completed. A donation to C&H,T to be discussed next month.

• Dec 6th meeting at Lisa’s home.
Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff, 12/2/12