October 2012

Minutes from Board Meeting on October 4, 2012


Lisa Krakoff, Adrienne Williams, Ronald Wimer, Nicky Wisher, Whitney Lenoce, Cheryl Smiley, Martha Corneck, Chris Gannon and Ellen Johnston.

Approval of Minutes

September 5, 2012. Motioned by Adrienne Williams, seconded by Ronald Wimer. Accepted unanimously.


Presented by Adrienne Williams on behalf of Kathy Santarella. We have 169 families in system with no change in percent of families in non-compliance. We continue to pursue, and have accounted for the usual write-off.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon had nothing to report.

Meet Coordinator’s Report

Nicky Wisher announced that the 8/U meet is our first meet of season. Only three teams are coming at this time and the coaches will reach out to other teams to see if they wish to attend.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston told us that so far we have 208 registrants, that is 20 Red, 20 Blue, 35 JAG II 28 JAG I, 21 SAG, 32 TAG, 29 , 29 SRII and 23 SRI.

We must still reconcile number of swimmers who paid registration and USA Swimming fees. DAXCO did not perform as expected at registration, so all must be manually reviewed. Wrats Parents Club may have to loan money to pay USA Swimming fee until WWFY calculates and transfers the monies collected at registration.

Meet Schedule includes WRAT-hosted meets:

  • 8& Under – Oct 21
  • Freestyle Frenzy – Nov 10-11
  • Blue v. Red – Nov 6

Schedule posted including special invitational meet for Seniors in Nashville, TN in addition to the Harvard Crimson Invitational. Crimson Invitational will have a change in format that may have our team leaving before last session on Sunday afternoon.

Session II Update—Ellen is still looking at availability of Staples pool, but likely that there will be a 7:30-9:30pm practice for Monday and Wednesday for Seniors.

8/U Coach – Barbara Pennington will be coaching the 8/us, with assistance from some of the other assistant coaches as well as Christen from Swimming Fundamentals.

Coaches Meetings are being scheduled and designed to educate parents about the process of coaching. Drop-in format during the first three days of practice for Age Group parents was a success. Over 50 packets of information were distributed over 2 nights.

Other Colorado Timing is coming in to check out our system.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported on the club’s financial activity over the last month. She also stated that fiscal year-end financials are closed and Form 990 sent to CPA firm.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Parent Social October 12th 46 RSVPs received thus far. Dave, Rob and Director of Development invited, but all decided that Ellen could speak about Just Add Water Soon, casually, with support from Adrienne.

Senior Social Date to be Saturday, October 20th from 5-7pm Nutmeg Bowling on Villa Ave. in Fairfield.

Athlete Representative needs to be one Senior and one Junior. Ellen will hopefully have one representative in attendance for November meeting.

Other Holiday team apparel will be offered at website for team building. Towels continue as popular request.

Voted online to approve increase in coaches’ holiday and Short Course bonuses.

Voted online to approve short-term loan to Y to cover meet entry fees until DAXCO issues resolved.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff, 10/31/12