September 2012

Minutes from Board Meeting on September 5, 2012


Lisa Krakoff, Whitney Lenoce, Sydney Hunter, Nicky Wisher, Martha Corneck, Kathy Santarella, Adrienne Williams, Ronald Wimer, Ellen Johnston and Chris Gannon.
Welcome to New Board Members

Approval of Minutes

No minutes to approve this month due to summer break.


Presented by Kathy Santarella. Currently, completing wrap-up of last season. Billed out the usual $6,000 in fines; have collected or expect to collect from those families still on team approximately $4,000. Approximately 40 families sent bills. Otherwise, ready for home meets. Roster is being updated to reflect new practice groups.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon is still waiting for information from 2 outstanding meets – 9/u during long course and Age Groups, delayed due to system crash of Y Business Manager software.

Coaches’ Report

Presented by Ellen Johnston:

Registration of returning swimmers a bit slow, due to back-to-school. Ron will send another email reminder. Noted that there are some glitches with DAXXCO on-line. Some registrants came into Y and/or called in registration while front desk entered into system.

Tryouts: Ellen noted that while 68 signed up in advance for tryouts, some 130 kids came to tryouts – an all time high. Team can comfortably manage up to 211 swimmers. Those not offered spot on team will be directed to pre-training groups, Y fundamentals course and/or swim lessons.

Parent meetings will begin evenings of 9/18, 9/19, & 9/20 at start of practices. This year Ellen will provide a post-registration package that would include: apparel forms, volunteer sheet, a “primer” on how to use SuperMeets, and password for roster access.

Meet schedule should be available week of 9/14. Still looking to finalize Session II practice schedule as available space at Staples is tight.

8/u coach is currently being sought. Some good candidates have been identified. Our experienced “floating” coach, Chandler Crosby, will be stepping up to help out with 8/u in meantime.

Other Meet announcements for 8/u on Oct 24th will be going out.

Treasurer’s Report

Presented by Martha Corneck.

Due to better than expected returns from hosting our meets, good expense management, and very good fundraiser contributions, Wrat Parents Club finished year with $33K in net income. Most likely $13K will remain in cash with remainder invested for future of our Y and swim team and some allocated to updating our current website. The completion of Form 990 (permitting our tax-free status with IRS) will be started. This year’s budget should anticipate higher expense for ribbons for home meets – stock needs replenishment.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Upgrading Hytek System was proposed so that Meet Manager can be accessed remotely. Ron agreed to look into the Hytek upgrades.

Parent Social October 12th will be graciously hosted by Lisa and Mark Gray again. Invitation and reminder will be going out shortly.

Senior Social Date still to be set, but suggested that it be offered in early in fall before the kids schedules get too hectic.

Current Status of the Capital Campaign as Water Rats Parents’ Club has had a larger than expected surplus, Ronald Wimer motioned that we commit $10K to the Just Add Water Soon (JAWs) campaign. Adrienne Williams seconded. JAWs is a limited-time fundraising effort to raise $1.5 million to add 2 lanes to the competition and family pools at the new Y. Lisa Krakoff suggested that the $10K be made in the form of a match to stimulate Wrat parent participation. The Board voted in favor. The Board separately voted to commit the $10,000 to the Building What Matters Campaign if the JAWs initiative is unsuccessful. (The Board also approved a motion to increase the Parent Social Budget and buy new award ribbons from the surplus.)

Water Rats Parent Club Survey was summarized by Ronald Wimer. Communications was an area that we have made great strides, but continues to require our attention. Specifically, welcoming new families could be improved by: 1. Making better use of practice group reps; 2. Personally calling new families and welcoming to team and offering to answer any questions; 3. Socializing at practice group level; 4. Using Facebook for parent community to post requests for carpooling, splitting timing or questions; 5. Continuing the practice of direct coach to parent communications; and 6. possibly offering a family or at least senior & parent social.

On the issue of personalization, some suggestion of a mini progress report for younger swimmers to help parents understand the sport, but more importantly what personal best is for their child, was raised. Ellen will think about how to implement this. Otherwise, our retention numbers and satisfaction with practices, coaching and meets conveyed in survey speak well of our efforts. A summary by practice group of survey results will be provided on our website.