June 2012

Minutes from Club’s Annual Meeting on June 7, 2012


Mary Cooperman, Lisa Krakoff, David Blansfield, Sylvia Ortega, Nicky Wisher, Cheryl Smiley, Whitney Lenoce, Martha Corneck, Andy McNab, Megan Loffredo, Kathy Santarella, Karin Keith, Betsy Auray, Adrienne Williams, Ronald Wimer and Ellen Johnston.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from 5/10/12 meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved.


Summary presented by Cathy Santarella showing three-year history of those not meeting volunteer commitment (see below). Board discussed once again how to improve compliance and how to collect fines.

PET-WRAT Historical Comparison

  • 6/7/2012
  • Season Fines Refunds
  • 2009 $10,250 $7,688
  • 2010 $ 4,240 $5,652
  • 2011 $ 6,820 $4,561
  • 2012 $ 7,250 $4,122
  • (est. 5/31)
  • Families 48 80

(Note: As of 6/1/12 we have 152 families accounting for 195 swimmers.)

Meet Coordinator Report

Nicky Wisher noted that she successful using direct phone call appeals to fill volunteer slots at the Senior Spring Invitational.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnston (who was congratulated for being named permanent Head Coach) said that the team will bid to host the usual short course meets during 2012-13:

  • 8/U in October
  • Freestyle Frenzy in November
  • Pentathlon in January

2012-2013 Registration for returning swimmers will open in August and close on September 4, 2012. Tryouts for new team members will be held on September 5 and September 6, 2012.

Notice for tryouts will be in publicized in the County Club Swim League. Ronald Wimer asked that Scot Smith, Y communications director, be enlisted to publicize tryouts.

Parent Meetings will be held once in late September. Ellen suggested that coaches allow parents flexibility in selecting a night to attend. Ellen will meet with Ronald and Adrienne to work out details.

Practices will have a staggered start, with senior team members starting practice on September 17, 2012. Younger swimmers will begin practice in the days that follow.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck outlined the expected cash flow of the PET-WRAT fines and reimbursements. She also noted that we expect to break even or perhaps show a small profit for the current year, which closes in August.

Co-Presidents’ Report

The Nominating Committee was unable to draft a volunteer to serve as USA Swimming Manager next year. Ronald Wimer moved that the Board extend Chris Gannon’s term for two more years. Betsy Auray seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

David Blansfield moved that the Club accept the slate of candidates for next year’s Board of Directors (see below). Nicky Wisher seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

  • Co-President – Andy McNab
  • Secretary – Lisa Krakoff
  • Ex-Officio – Ronald Wimer
  • 8/U Rep – Whitney Leonce
  • 8/U Rep – Sheila Duffy
  • AG Rep – Cheryl Smiley
  • AG Rep – Sydney Hunter
  • SR Rep – Betsy Auray
  • SR Rep – Karin Keith (second term)

Per the Club’s bylaws, every year the Club must hold a Planning and Evaluation Meeting or survey Club members.

Adrienne and Ronald noted that we missed the February deadline for a P&E meeting because we were waiting for the Y to vote on the Mahackeno project. They proposed an end-of-the-year survey, which would focus on the goals that were set at the January 2012 P&E Meeting (which was facilitated by Sue Anderson of USA Swimming):

  1. Education
  2. Communication
  3. Team Development/ Volunteerism

Adrienne moved that the Club survey parents in July. Ronald seconded the motion, which carried unanimously. Adrienne and Ronald said they would work with David and Ellen to create the survey.

Miscellaneous/ New Business

Computer Training needs to be expanded to parents of younger swimmers. We will look to recruit volunteers in fall.
Age Group Social to be scheduled around 6/22 and will have a water slide at cost of $400. There is currently $550 in funds for socials in budget.

July Meeting needs to be rescheduled so Ronald Wimer will send a meeting request by email.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Krakoff
Acting Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club