May 2012

Minutes from Board Meeting on May 10, 2012


Martha Corneck, Kathy Santarella, Adrienne Williams, Sandy Morrison, Ellen Johnston, Chris Gannon, Sylvia von Einem-­‐Ortega, Adrienne Johnston, Catherine Cunningham

Approval of Minutes

Vote was taken to approve previous months minutes from 2/29 and 4/10 with minor changes – still
need to verify attendance from 2/29/12 meeting.

USA Swimming Report

Chris Gannon discussed that she will meet with Ellen to discuss IMX meet reconciliation from October as there still seems to be some issues outstanding. A mailing went out at the beginning of the month requesting replenishment of funds in swimmer’s USA Swimming accounts. Chris has received approximately 10 checks to date out of 40 notices sent.

PET-­WRAT Report

Kathy Santarella had nothing to report. She will put together volunteer figures for the next board
meeting. It was discussed that during LC season it is tough to get volunteers to come forward. Meet Chair Report: Nothing to report, Nicky not present at meeting.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen reported that the Senior Spring Invitation (SSI) has 14 teams entered – a smaller number than last year-­‐ which should result in a faster timeline. She has to confirm if the version of TMO we run is compatible with the new scoreboard installed at Wesleyan.

Ellen thanked Sandy Morrison for all her help in organizing and soliciting the Water Rat Senior Team parents’ dessert donations for Bradley Helt’s funeral service.

Ellen reported the entries for the Wilton meet the weekend of June 1-­‐3 are still not confirmed.

Award plaques need to be updated in YMCA lobby after honoring recipients at Recognition Night. Ellen needs to check on what type of plaque the Bruce’s prefer for the Cameron Bruce Award.

Registration for next season was discussed: they will be done online with payment. Ellen is not sure yet what system will be used for registration as of yet

There are issues with collecting medical forms and codes of conduct electronically as Ellen has found no hard copies are readily available to the coaching staff for reference purposes – she is researching this problem.

USA Swimming Level 2 recognition has been earned by the team, but we have yet to receive the access to this level from USA Swimming. Ellen is checking the status of this with USA Swimming.

Due to smaller entry size of this year’s SSI, the budget figures are slightly off. It was confirmed that 50% of the profit will go to offset the Y National Team fees/expenditures.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported the following:

  1. Annual banquet came in under budget expectations
  2. Y Nats activity is still outstanding. She needs reconciliation of cash advance and purchases
  3. Reimbursement from North Carolina for hotel tax is in the works.
  4. SC 8/Under party cost was $117.00
  5. Projected EOY may be a surplus of $10K, but still could swing due to outstanding items such as Y Nats, SSI meet and Parents Club year-­‐end refunds.

Co­‐Presidents’ Report

Adrienne spoke about the food at Rat Recognition Night and that everyone seemed to like it. There were a lot of last minute reply’s for the banquet, which is typical.

The nominating committee has posted the empty board position for USA Swimming Coordinator on the website, but currently there has been no interest. Chris Gannon will resume the position next season if no one is found to fill it. Adrienne explained that the board must vote again to approve Chris because she is past her term limit. All the other committee spots are in good shape for next year.

Adrienne mentioned that she’d like to see the swimmers participate in a fundraiser for the new Y at Mahackeno possibly in the fall once the actual status is known. She asked that people start thinking of ideas for what could be done -­‐ perhaps a Swim-­‐A-­‐Thon or 5k run.

The Parent Club Annual meeting will be on June 7th. The new board will be elected at this time. It was agreed to invite the new board to the meeting for a meet and greet party so that we also have a quorum for the vote. Adrienne briefly discussed the Planning and Evaluation meeting and indicated we need to decide if we want Sue Anderson to come back in the fall to continue her discussion.

The July meeting date was not set. We agreed that a late June date would work best due to the way the 4th of July holiday falls this calendar year. The dates of June 26th (Tuesday) and June 28th (Thursday) may work.

The meeting concluded at approximately 7:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Santarella