March 2012

Minutes from Board Meeting on February 29, 2012


Adrienne Williams, Lisa Parrelli Gray, Kathy Santarella, Karin Keith, Ellen Johnston, Mark Sedlak, John Scaldini, Ronald Wimer, Lisa Krakoff, Christine Utter, Lorraine Kennedy, David Blansfield, Chris Gannon, Martha Corneck, Nicky Wisher.


Same 17 families are not volunteering.

USA Swimming

All accounts are balanced. We may need to ask parents for more money up front at registration to ensure accounts are not depleted before the end of the season.

Coaches’ Report

Senior Spring Invitational will be held the weekend of May 18-20th. Six teams have bid on the LCI for June 1-3rd. The 9 and under event is scheduled for June 21st. There will be 4 day swim clinics leading into the spring school vacation week. The schedule for the spring and summer sessions will be finalized by the end of the first week of March and posted on the web site by March 10th.

Treasurer’s Report
$250 is still outstanding from one team for the Pentathlon. Otherwise, all checks were in. $720 profit for the towels; $1050 profit for the pancake breakfast. March goodie bag will be sold for $12.00. Expenses for the bag stuffers were $436. Future activity consists of the YNationals, Short Course Parties and the Annual Recognition Banquet. We should be in good shape to break even.

Nominating Committee Report

Most positions have been filled.

Co-Presidents’ Report

WRAT Recognition Night is set for Friday, April 27th at 6pm. Discussion was had about catering. Decision was to have it done by Stiles. There will be Senior awards and Graduating Senior awards along with Age Group awards. The Cameron Bruce award specifications have not been finalized. The committee is still working on the details. However, there is a strong feeling that there should be an award given out this year, to create recognition, awareness and to begin the tradition. Concern was voiced about not handing out the award this year and what that would do to the continuity and memory of Cameron. If we wait until next year, there will be fewer families who will have known Cameron. The decision was made to move forward for this year, if at all possible.

The Age Group party will be at Mahackeno. The Senior Social will be determined at a later date. Discussion and vote was had regarding adding two student swimmers to the board. The coaches will determine who they will be.

The meeting continued and was lead by Bonnie Strittmatter, President of the Westport Weston Family Y Board to present, review and answer questions about the financial fundraising for the Building What Matters campaign.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by,
Lisa Parrelli Gray