February 2012

Minutes from Board Meeting on February 2, 2012


Martha Corneck, David Blansfield, Adrienne Williams, Ellen Johnston, Nicky Wisher, Chris Gannon, Kathy Santarella, David Cohen, Ronald Wimer, Karen Keith, Adrienne Johnston, Lisa Parrelli Gray.

Approval of Minutes

January minutes were reviewed and approved.

USA Swimming Report

Chris Gannon reported that Ellen would confirm the IMX Mark would confirm the Pentathalon results. No other news to report at this time.


Kathy Santarella reported that there are 18 families with 0 points, 77 families have earned more or completed their required points and 53 families have minimal points. Ellen and Kathy will send out an email to the families who have not completed their points and share information that may assist these families to volunteer their time.

Meet Chair Report

Nicky Wisher reported that the Pentathalon went well and was under budget. A coffee pot was purchased for the team and assisted in good fundraising at the events.

The timing system was a problem and Mike DiNapoli who over sees the system left early. It was decided that he needs to provide a list of people to contact with any issues if he is not to be in attendance for the entire time. Kevin Cacainaro from Springfield was suggested as a replacement for Mike.

It was noted that the new trophies that had been ordered for the event had the old YMCA logo and that new awards should not be ordered until we use up the existing trophies. In addition, any further orders for awards require the approval of both the Meet Manager and the Co-Presidents.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported that the PetRat had a shortfall of $4,600. However dollars were made up with the Free Style Frenzy, the 8 and under event and the Pentathalon, so that the Parent’s club should break even. She forecasted a balanced budget for year end.

The 1099’s were sent out.

The expenses from Meet Manager will be provided at the March meeting

Coaches’ Report

Ellen reported that the12 and under meets were the following weekend. Woodbridge would host the 13 and over.

Long course season practice schedule would be confirmed by the following week.

Senior Spring Invitational is planned for either the 1st or 2nd weekend in May.

Long Course Qualifiers are the first weekend of June

Pancake breakfast is confirmed and being hosted at Christ and Holy Trinity’s Great Hall on Saturday, February 4th, $5.00 per person. CHT will not charge the Y for the use of the facility.

Goody bags can be sold at the pancake breakfast

Co-Presidents’ Report

Rob Reeves sent a thank you note to the Parents Club for the $10,000.00 donation made to the “Building What Matter’s” campaign.

Betsy Matheny also sent a thank you note for the holiday bonus she received from the parents.

The nominating committee was voted on and approved. Elizabeth Gallig was approved to be the 5th person.

WRAT Social dates were proposed and confirmed for the Age Group and 8 & Under teams; Agre group will be March 10th, 8 & under, March 9th. The Senior party was postponed to later in the Spring, date to be determined. It was suggested that pizza, ice cream and swimming for the 8 & under crowd, while possibly adding the use of the gymnasium for the age groups. David Cohen would get back to us to confirm.

The revised by-laws include suggestions for postions to be added to the parent board-2 Youth Athletic board members, possibly an under classman and an upper classmam to share the responsibility of attending the monthly board meetings on a rotating basis. The roles were voted on and approved.

There was an update provided on the Cameron Bruce Memorial Scholarship. The committee has been formed and meetings with Linda Bruce were being planned.

The annual meeting will be June 7th, the first Thursday in June. A minimum of 15 people is required for quorum.
Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 29th as both Ron and Adrienne have conflicts the first Thursday, March 1st.

The meeting was adjorned at approximately 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Parrelli Gray