January 2012

Minutes from Board Meeting on January 5, 2012


Martha Corneck, David Blansfield, Adrienne Williams, Ellen Johnston, Nicky Wisher, Chris Gannon, Sylvia von Einem-Ortega, Catherine Cunningham, Mark Sedlak, Kathy Santarella, David Cohen, Sandy Morrison, Ronald Wimer, Betsy Ay Lisa Parrelli Gray.

Approval of Minutes
Previous months minutes from December 8, 2011 were reviewed and approved.

USA Swimming Report

Chris Gannon reported that the New Canaan Qualifier is complete.


Kathy Santarella reported that there are 150 families in the system and only 2 families have not set up accounts. Out of the 150 families, approximately 50% have fulfilled their required points, and that there were 10 families who have 0 points.

Meet Chair Report

Nicky Wisher reported that the trophies had been ordered for the Pentathalon. Entries are due the following week and that 6 teams had already been entered. Nicky felt that the meet should bring in a strong income. The High School Boys had not committed as of our meeting.

The Dual Meet with New Canaan went well, but it was discovered that our touch pads have become an issue.(it was not determined what has caused some of them to malfunction, however it was acknowledged that they are about 10 years old and probably have reached their maximum life) It was suggested that the Parents club may need to replace them. It was voted on that it would be a discussion tabled until the budget meeting as the cost is approximately $700-800 each and the Y would require 7 pads. For future events, we will continue to borrow pads from the Woodbridge Aquatic Club.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported that it was a quiet month in December.

  • The towel fundraiser made close to $650.
  • The Citrus Fundraiser was almost $3000.00 ahead of last year, coming in at $10,480.00.
  • The 1099 prep work will be completed by January 31st, 2012.
  • There was approximately a $300 overage with the Christmas Countdown Travel Meet, so it was decided to put those dollars into the USA Swim Account.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen and Mark reported that everyone was swimming the weekend of January 6-8th. 8 and Unders were up in Hopkins, 9-12 in Branford and the 13/0ver were in Wilton.

The Distance meet in Cheshire may be cancelled due to the problems that they are still incurring with the bubble.
Ellen inquired if we would like to bid for the 3rd Long Course Qualifier Meet to be hosted some time in June. Discussion was had and voted on to bid for the Meet.

Ellen confirmed that the Spring Senior Invitational is tentative.

The Team Photo day is set for February 2nd.

Senior Team Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser is set for Saturday, February 4th. Ellen said that since we are a legacy organization at Christ and Holy Trinity, she was hoping to have the same rate before the new construction. All items are donated, so it is a straight fundraiser, hoping to bill it as a community event. Lisa Krakoff will chair the event and it was suggested that Lisa Connelly would assist.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Ron introduced David Cohen, VP of Operations. He is available to assist with any questions or issues while Jacquie’s replacement is being sought.

It was decided that we would continue with the “goody bag” fundraiser. A flyer will be sent out in February to parents of the Y Nationals participants. The goody bag will be $12.00, with all items donated and delivered prior to the Regional Championship meets.

TEAM Unify committee met and recommended that the back office and volunteer sign up program should be tabled until the budget meeting in May for purchase in July/August. It was voted on and all were in favor.

Ron mentioned that there are fewer $ being raised through membership due to the fact that although we have almost the same amount of swimmers, there are more siblings therefore less dues being paid.

It was noted that the Cameron Bruce Memorial Scholarship committee has been formed with Lisa Krakoff, Ellen Johnston, Barbara Wiederecht and Linda Bruce. They will meet to discuss the criteria for the scholarship.

The meeting was adjorned at approximately 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Parrelli Gray
Water WRAT Parent Club