April 2012

Minutes from Board Meeting on April 10, 2012


Martha Corneck, David Blansfield, Adrienne Williams, Ellen Johnston, Nicky Wisher, Chris Gannon, Catherine Cunningham, Mark Sedlak, Ronald Wimer, Karin Keith, Kathy Santarella, Lisa Parrelli Gray.

Approval of Minutes

Previous months minutes were put aside for review and approval to be done at the May 10th meeting as they needed to be completed due to the late arrival of the secretary and her need to gather the first half of the minutes from another board member who was present.

USA Swimming Report

Chris Gannon said that there was nothing to report


Kathy Santarella said there was nothing to report

Meet Chair Report

Nicky Wisher reported that the Senior Meet, being held on the weekend of May 18-20th will be managed by Sheila Stolarsky and Lisa Krakoff. At the moment, it appears that there will be 5-6 teams that will be entered. The 9 and under meet being held on June 21st will be managed by boh Stacy Lessing and Nikki Wisher.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen reported that they were in the process of finallizing the meet entries and that the schedule for the long course would be posted on the website by the end of the week. May begins the first long course meets. New team members will submit checks to the PetWrat and USA swimming accounts directly, not to the Y.

The short course season ended with Age groups performing very well; a few swimmers went to Zones. Senior short course season had some issues, but they were resolved. Overall, the Senior team came together and performed fairly well. There were 8 swimmers that went to Nationals. Mark had mentioned that the communication between Scott Smith, the Y Communications Director and the coaches has improved significantly.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported that the goodie bag profit was $630. Y national dollars will be sent out this week. North Carolina’s taxes will be received after Martha applies for the return. The budget is coming in pretty much on target. Just waiting for the invoices for the short course parties.

CO-Presidents’ Report

WRAT Recognition Night is coming together. Stiles will be catering it this year. Award and trophies are in. The sound system has been confirmed and coordinated with Bedford Middle School. David Blansfield will “MC” again this year. David will meet with the coaches to discuss the event at their weekly meeting. David Cohen had sent the certificate of insurance already to Bedford. Chris and Lisa agreed to greet at the registration table. Water bottles will be sold at the tables for $1.

There was a motion and approval of the updated By Laws. So far, Water Rats parents represent a very small percentage of donors to the Y it Matters campaign (27/150 families) Adrienne thought it a good idea to do another email campaign and follow up by phone. May 11th will be the next YMCA board meeting when they vote to decide to move forward or not with the building.

The meeting was adjorned at approximately 8:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Parrelli Gray