November 2011

Minutes from Board Meeting on November 3, 2011

Martha Corneck, David Blansfield, Adrienne Williams, Ellen Johnston, Nicky Wisher, Chris Gannon, Sylvia von Einem-Ortega, Karin Keith, Catherine Cunningham, Lisa Parrelli Gray.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the October 6, 2011 meeting were reviewed, corrected and approved.

USA Swimming Report

Y Leaugue payment has been made.

Meet Coordinator Report

Nicky Wisher reported that there were 257 swimmers at the 8/under meet. The meet went well.
Sheila will write up the Maura Marden Freestyle Frenzy and have it ready for the cover of the entries.
Computer assistants are still required for training.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported there was $2400.00 in outstanding checks. There was a large deposit of $30,800.
New team members will be assessed a pro rated rate after December.
The budget goal of $48 k, will be closer to $46k.

Additional income from the 8/under – Consessions $791 vs. the forcasted amount of $100.
Invoices for both the Free Style Frenzy and the Parent Social came in within budget.

Official fees for membership and backround checks will be reimbursed.

The Club’s CPA should complete the Club’s 990 tax return by December.

Martha has applied for a tax-exempt certificate from the State of North Carolina, which can be used for Y Nationals.

Coaches Report

Ellen Johnston reported that there will be vendors at the Free Style Frenzy-Spirit Wear will be selling T-Shirts. It was voted that the proceeds that the Y receives will benefit the Parent Club general fund.

The Hi-Tec Meet Manager software needs to be upgraded (estimated coste $250) prior to the Pentathlon or sooner.

The Harvard Meet Coordinators are Karin Keith and Sheila Stolarski. Invites to the swimmers will go out on November 4th.
The practice schedule changes Monday, November 28th, following Thanksgiving.

A team towel will be offered for sale in time for holiday gift giving. It was voted that the proceeds will support the the Y National team.

It was decided that the proceeds from the towel pants sold during the 8/under meet will benefit the 8 and under social party. ($120).

Co-Presidents’ Report

Adrienne reported that the blue red caps arrived.

The Citrus Sale went well. As of last count, 568 boxes had been sold, and the Parent Club receives $3 per box!
The Club needs to buy stop watches to replace old ones for meets.

The last Parent coffee to review the new Y construction plans is set for Saturday, November 5th. All parents are encouraged to attend. Age group reps should email parents and advise them of this opportunity.

The meeting concluded at approximately 8:15 pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Parrelli Gray