October 2011

Minutes from Board Meeting on October 6, 2011


Betsy Auray, Martha Corneck, David Blansfield, Kathy Santarella, Adrienne Williams, Sandy Morrison, Ellen Johnston, Nicky Wisher, Chris Gannon, Jacquie Tumminia, Mark Sedlak, Sylvia von Einem-Ortega, Lisa Parrelli Gray.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the September 2, 2011 meeting were reviewed and approved.

USA Swimming Report

Chris Gannon discussed USA Swimming matters and reported that Jacquie gave her a check for $34,000.00. In addition, families that are not returning to the team will be mailed refund checks amounting to approximately $6000. PET-WRAT Report Kathy Santarella reported that 79% of the non compliance fees have been collected from those families who owe the fines. The total amount collected is $5400 vs. $6820 owed. Kathy also reported that we have 145 families registered with Super Meets and of that 145, 19 are new families. 21 families have not yet registered, but have kids in the program and were expected to be enrolled within the month.

Meet Coordinator Report

Nikki Wisher reported that for the 8/under meet there were 13 teams, 254 swimmers and all completed within 2 1/2 hours. She is comfortable with the level of volunteers and that the team reps are great. The computer is back working and there was a discussion on how to recruit new volunteers to be trained and to assist Paul with the computer during home meets. David said that he would reach out to Paul. Nikki also discussed the need to order the heat awards for the Free Style Frenzy. It was decided to order wrist bands.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha Corneck reported that at the beginning of September, which is the beginning of the fiscal year, we had a loss of $8,800.00, due to not receiving all Parent Club fees. We paid the sanction fees from over the summer and made a donation for the speaker presenting at Bedford Middle School on the 20th of October. The speaker is also being sponsored by the Westport PTA, PAL and the YMCA. Mark Sedlak commented on the organization and sponsorship of the speaker and requested in the future, prior to making a donation, he would like the coaches to be consulted. Mark pointed out, after doing some research, he could endorse the speaker, but wasn’t sure in the beginning if the speaker shared the same sports and coaching philosophy. He concluded that he did and was looking forward to hearing him on the 20th. Jacquie Tumminia spoke and said that she was approached 6-8 months ago, but there was not any follow through or further discussion of the matter. It was decided that in the future when decisions need to be made prior to the next board meeting, an online discussion will be had through email.

Coaches’ Report

Jacquie Tumminia reviewed the Parent Rep’s role and that all seemed to be going in the right direction. She has reps for the 8/under and wanted to confirm Dana McCreesh for JAG and Deena Nandgopol for TAG. She needed one for SAG. She also reported that there were parent meetings being set up for each team and at this time there was already one scheduled for SAG on October 22nd.

Jacquie reached out to those families who did not return to the team and received comments such as continuing would be too much with high school”, or “Wrats conflicts with other activities” or even some families were still thinking over the commitment. This year there are 196 swimmers on the team and last year 197. So the results are even.

There were 70 new swimmers who tried out and 60 were accepted for JAG, and from that 60, 50 joined the team. Practice attendance is at about 95%, some of the highest numbers in recent memory. Mark mentioned that TAG attendance has been outstanding.

Mark Sedlak spoke about TEAM UNIFY, a team management software platform that can keep track of all the information the coaches require to do their jobs. It is a Data base management system that is online and allows coaches to access the information through the web. Other swim teams use it, like Darien, New Canaan, Weston and Wilton. Mark advocated for the use and planned purchase of the program once the existing one expires. (The YMCA purchased a 1 year subscription) The coaches would like to incorporate this system within the existing one, utilizing it for profile data and for super meet opt out options and for parent volunteers. The cost is $1000.00. Adrienne requested a written proposal. It was decided that Ron, Mary, Kathy and Adrienne would meet and discuss the proposal.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Adrienne spoke about the Expo and online registration. It was concluded that the online registration worked out very well, but there needs to be an adjustment made to collect penalties and fees. Martha concurred that the online registration worked very well.

Adrienne spoke about the Coaches and Rep meetings and passed on that everything seemed to be going according to plan. In addition Adrienne volunteered to be available for the Parent meetings to be held in October. The Harvard Travel Coordinator position was voted on and approved and Adrienne was going to write a job description.

Adrienne reminded everyone that the citrus sale was taking place and to remember the option of purchasing fruit to be donated by the Parent’s club. Adrienne also reminded everyone that the parent social would be the following week, Friday, October 14th and to RSVP if you haven’t already.

The meeting concluded at approximately 8:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Parrelli Gray