April 2011

Minutes from Board Meeting on March 31, 2011


Martha Corneck, Sheila Stolarski, Ronald Wimer, Suzannah Rogers, Jacquie Tumminia, Mark Sedlak, Barbara Wiederecht, Adrienne Williams, David Blansfield, Sydney Hunter, Sandy Morrison, Chris Gannon, Mary McGrade.


The minutes of the March 2nd meeting were unanimously approved.


Our April Meeting began with a presentation from Ian Bruce, Rob Reeves, and Peter Curtin regarding our Move to Mahackeno. They are optimistic that the development will be ready by Labor Day, 2014.

This project is currently in the Capital Campaign Stage. Once sufficient capital has been raised, the construction will take place in 3 Phases:

  1. Reconstructing Exit 42
  2. Constructing a Waste Treatment Facility
  3. Building project itself. The pool will be 25 yards by 16 lanes, which will allow for much more flexibility with regard to scheduling practices and meets.


Chris has been keeping a tally of scratches relays totaling $112.00. This is often caused when one swimmer does not show up to a meet.

Swim caps-Proposal to charge $15.00 for caps.


It is proposed that we ensure that there is a representative from Metro available at our meets to sell swim gear (goggles, caps, etc).


The report from the Nominating Committee proposes the following for 2011-2012:

  • Co President-Ronald Wimer (returning)
  • Co President-Andy McNab
  • Ex-Officio-David Blansfield
  • Treasurer-Martha Corneck (returning)
  • Secretary-Suzannah Rogers (returning)
  • Meet Chair-Nicky Wisher
  • 8/Under Rep-Adrienne Johnston
  • 8/Under Rep-Catherine Cunningham
  • Age Group Rep-Betsy Auray
  • Age Group Rep-Sylvia Ortega
  • Senior Rep-Adrienne Williams
  • Senior Rep-Sandra Morrison


Short Course Results-Mark reported a successful season for the Age Group Swimmer.

Regionals-78 top 10 finishes, 8 Regional Champions

Age Group Championships-There were 23 Swimmers. 8th place for 9-10, 7th place for 11-12. 13 & 14 Boys won all of their relays.

3 Swimmers qualified for Zones.

Mark will follow up to make sure that WRAT accomplishments are posted on the website.

Nine swimmers qualified for Y Nationals.

The Planning and Evaluation meeting will take place on May 12th.

There will be two weeks of clinics open to swim team members.

Barbara will assist Jacquie to achieve Level 2 Club Recognition Status under USA Swimming.

Jacquie expects 3-12 new swimmers for Long Course season.

Tentative schedule for registration for 2011-2012 Season:

  • September 10th, 2011-Last Day to Register for current WRAT swimmers
  • September 13th, Tryouts for New Swimmers
  • September 16th, Teams Posted
  • September 18th, Expo


Martha had nothing out of the ordinary to report. March highlights include the Y quarterly contribution, payment for T-shirts for the Age Group swimmers and Age Group Party, swim cap expenses, payment of Sanction fees for Long Course meets, and some Y National expenses paid.


WRAT Recognition Night
Fortuna’s will provide the catering.
Tickets will cost the same amount as last year: $20.00 Adults, $5.00 Children

The next meeting will be on April 28, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzannah Rogers