March 2011

Minutes from Board Meeting on March 2, 2011


Martha Corneck, Sheila Stolarski, Ronald Wimer, Suzannah Rogers, Jacquie Tumminia, Ellen Johnston, Barbara Wiederecht, Adrienne Williams, Kathy Santarella, Sydney Hunter, Lisa Krakoff.


The minutes of the February 3rd meeting were unanimously approved.


There was a little trouble filling timing spots for Regionals.


We are currently assigning meet managers for Long Course Meets. Adrienne is also working with Nicki Wisher to fill open board positions.


P&E Meeting- Ellen is in contact with Sue Anderson regarding her role in facilitating and directing the conversation at our P&E meeting. Ellen is planning on confirming a date in May or early June.

Team Manager Online (TMO) is fixed.

Championship Meets are underway. There are a lot of 8 and Unders going to New Englands. The 8 and Under boys won The CT YMCA Championships in East Hartford.

Long Course Schedule is posted online.

Jacquie added a Friday to our bid for an AGQ on June 3rd, 4th and 5th. Hopefully we will secure the additional Age Group Meet.

The Y has a new Director of Communications and Marketing, Scott Smith. Hopefully he can help us to get out publicity regarding the team and their achievements.


There has been a significant increase in cap expenses.

Everything is pretty much on target, with some small additional income from Meets and the Senior Fundraiser.

Expected activity for March includes collection of receivables, income from goody bags, restricted contribution to Y quarterly payment, and clearing the grocery card income.


Lisa reported that the movie night was a great success. They made some money and it was a nice social activity for the swimmers.


24 Hours of Laps-
The Westport Weston Family Y has partnered with Al’s Angels to host “24 Hours of Laps” to raise money for children and families in the tri-state area suffering with cancer and rare blood diseases.

The Age Group teams will most likely kick-off the event. Swimmers on the team should still sign in to participate.
We will likely wait until after Age Group Championships to promote the event.

WRAT Recognition Night

David will be the point person and help the coaching staff organize a streamlined presentation.
25 Years of Service

Ronald Wimer and Mary Cooperman are currently researching possible venues for Ellen’s anniversary dinner.

The next meeting will be on March 31, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzannah Rogers