May 2011

Minutes from Board Meeting on April 28, 2011


Martha Corneck, Sheila Stolarski, Suzannah Rogers, Ellen Johnston, Adrienne Williams, David Blansfield, Sydney Hunter, Kathy Santarella, Lisa Krakoff.


The minutes of the March 31st meeting were unanimously approved.


There are just a handful of families who have not earned any points.

Adrienne reports that we are looking for more volunteers for the Senior Spring Invitational. Parents do not have to have a Senior swimmer to volunteer.

Ellen is looking forward to successful meet at the Senior Spring Invitational. The Friday session should run approximately 3 hours.


Adrienne requested assistance with setting up at Bedford Middle school sometime between 5:15 and 5:30.


WRAT 9 and Under Meet- We currently have 3 entries.

The are nine new WRAT swimmers. Jacquie will determine and pro-rate their USA, Swim Team, and Parent Club fees, as well as their Pet WRAT points needed for Long Course.

Meet Announcements-The Long Course Season is short. The coaches will be cleaning up our entries in order to keep our spots.
Update on the P&E Meeting- Ellen had a phone discussion with Sue Anderson regarding how the structure of our team has changed. Ellen gave a rough outline of the Meeting:

  • Introduction to Club Leadership
  • How the Parents Club can be a support factor with the entire team
  • Role of the Parents and how they can support our Mission Statement
  • Future of the Team-5 Year Plan

Florida Meet in June-Mark is looking to take 11-14 year olds who qualify. Parents are expected to chaperone their own swimmers.

Club Recognition Program- Barbara is working with Jacquie to obtain USA Swimming Level 2 Status.

2011-2112 Season:

  • September 10th- Last Day for On-line Registration
  • September 13-15th Tryouts
  • September 18th- Expo
  • September 19th- Season begins

Al’s Angels- Al will be running the event. So there is nothing that the WRATs need to organize.

Coaches Meetings-Will take place on May 7th.


There was not much to report regarding April activity. Trophies were ordered for Recognition Night.

Martha has some receivables which she still needs to collect. Expected activity for May includes some YNats income from families, collection from the Age Group Party, and Pet WRAT fees collected from new swimmers. She will need an inventory of caps to balance this account.

Martha will also be preparing the budget for 2011/2012.


WRAT Recognition Night

The agenda has been finalized and the program is scheduled to run from 6-8:30. Currently there are tickets purchased for 34 adults and 70 children. Adrienne expects these numbers to increase in the next few days.
Ellen’s Anniversary Dinner- Invitations to Ellen’s party were sent out. The Celebration will take place on June 11. Mary Cooperman will send e-mail invites to Y staff and volunteers.

Matching Corporate Gifts-Barbara Wiederecht learned this week that the GE Foundation-which matches charitable donations made by GE Employees-will contribute to any Connecticut-based 501 c 3 that lists with the foundation. Barbara and/or Ron will take the lead on registering the Water Rats Parents’ Club, Inc. with the GE Foundation. This could lead to some significant matching gifts in the future if we launch a capital campaign to raise money for a new timing system and score board. We urge board members to look for other sources of matching gifts.

The next meeting will be the Club Annual Meeting on June 2, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzannah Rogers