December 2010

Minutes from Board Meeting on December 2, 2010


Martha Corneck, Ronald Wimer, Lisa Krakoff, Andy McNab, David Blansfield, Suzannah Rogers, Jacquie Tumminia, Chris Gannon, Kathy Santarella.


The minutes of the November 4th meeting were unanimously approved.


Twenty four families have not yet registered on Supermeets.

39% of families have not earned points.

The PET WRAT coordinator will send an email to each of these families who have not yet registered in Supermeets.


We are still missing the CT swimming registration paperwork, and waiting on a copy from CT swimming.

Two families have not joined the Parents Club.

Two families have not paid USA fees.


Martha deposited gift to Ann Atkinson from Chuck Katter.

Martha completed a summary for 8/under October 17th activity. Income came in a little under budget, as the meet was not as highly subscribed as expected.

Non-compliance fee income was re-classed to USA swimming account to cover the families that left the team with debit balances.

Additional swim caps were purchased . Coaches should be keeping track of distribution, so that the accounts of swimmers can be charged.

Martha presented Form 990 for the 2009/2010 fiscal year.

Expected activity for December includes collecting the remaining WRAT annual dues, recording the activity for the Freestyle Frenzy meet, recording income from the Citrus Sale, reporting travel meet activity, and collecting swim cap income.


  • Citrus Sale- We are tallying up sales and will report activity within the next few days
  • Harvard Meet-We have 6 chaperones, and Ellen will have an informational session to answer parents’ questions. Approximately 45 kids will be attending this meet.
  • New Members-We will have between one and six new swimmers beginning in January.



The Fairfield Community Theater has been booked for the senior swimmers to raise funds for the National Team. The theater is reserved for February 13th, at 1:00.


The Board is still discussing possible venues for the WRAT Recognition Night and the need to revitalize the program.

The next meeting will be on January 6th, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzannah Rogers