November 2010

Minutes from Board Meeting on November 4, 2010


Sandy Morrison, Martha Corneck, Ronald Wimer, Barbara Wiederecht, Sydney Hunter, Sheila Storlarski, Andy McNab, Adrienne Williams, Suzannah Rogers, Jacquie Tumminia, Ellen Johnston, Mary Warner McGrade.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the October 7th meeting were unanimously approved.

Meet Coordinator

Adrienne reports that the 8 and Under meet went very well.

Freestyle Frenzy-We need to be out by 7:00pm due to Youth Fun Night. Some of the NT 500s will be pulled from the Meet.

Treasurer’s Report

Martha reclassified funds from General Checking to Ann Atkinson from 2009/2010.

Martha completed the paperwork for the accountant for Form 990 reporting for 2009/2010.

There was $485.00 in meet income from WRATS/Concessions at the October 17th meet.

Expected activity for November includes the collection of remaining WRAT annual dues, complete 8 & Under October 17th Meet activity, Record Freestyle Frenzy activity, and present Form 990 for 2009/2010 fiscal year to the Board.

Coaches’ Report

  • Harvard Meet The invitations to the Swimmers will go out in the next few days. There will most likely be 2 male and 2 female coaches going.
  • Preparation for the Freestyle Frenzy and the Pentathlon has also begun.
  • Recognition Night-Possible Venues are being discussed. Capacity and Cost are the main considerations.

Co-Presidents’ Report


Fifteen percent of families have not yet registered on Supermeets: 12 (8&U), 8 (AG), 3 (Senior). 31% of families have earned points since October 1st.

The PET WRAT coordinator will always post officials positions for away meets, since they are not assigned by the host team. Timing assignments will only be posted on Supermeets when they are confirmed by the coaches.


The remaining outstanding balance of $430.00 is due from families who have left the team.


The Senior swimmers will host a Movie Theater Party. The Senior will be required to sell tickets to this event. It is still to be determined if the ticket price will be all inclusive, or if funds will be raised through concession sales.

The next meeting will be on December 2, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzannah Rogers