October 2010

Minutes from Board Meeting on October 7, 2010


Lisa Krakoff, Martha Corneck, Kathy Santarella, David Blansfield, Ronald Wimer, Barbara Wiederecht, Sydney Hunter, Sheila Stolarski, Chris Gannon, Adrienne Williams, Suzannah Rogers, Jacquie Tumminia, Ellen Johnston.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the September 2nd meeting were unanimously approved.

USA Swimming

Chris is trying to collect $442.00 for USA fees from families who have left the team. There was a suggestion to flag swimmers who have a zero balance to prevent this from occurring in the future. We need to continue to emphasize that parents will be charged for entry fees, if they have not used the “opt out system” to remove their child from the meet.


Currently in the process of reconciling PET-WRAT fees with new roster. Kathy has collected about $3500 in non-compliance fees, out of the $4250 that was outstanding. The remaining outstanding balance due is from families who have left the team. WRAT meets have all been listed on Supermeets, and Pentathlon in New Canaan will be listed soon. There has been an excellent response from parents to volunteer for our home meets.

Still under discussion: the possibility of creating a centralized program to cross-check information with roster, USA Swimming fees, PET-WRAT fees, and any other pertinent information. We need to insure that anyone attending practices and meets has paid all of their fees.

Treasurer’s Report

Cash, as of September 2010 totals 77,766.00, compared to last year September 2009 at $55,042.00.

Collected $36,000 in PET WRAT fees. Balance of $6-$7,000.00 should be collected in October to meet budget.

The budget has been set for 2010/2011.

Payments have been made for Supermeets Subscription, as well as a payment to CT swimming for Short Course Sanction fees
Expected activity for October includes the collection of remaining WRAT annual dues and reclassifying funds from General Checking to Ann Atkinson from 2009/2010.

Meet Coordinator

Adrienne reports that work is well underway for the 8/Under meet. Assignments are being finalized.

Preparation for the Freestyle Frenzy and the Pentathlon has also begun.

Coaches’ Report

  • Jacquie reports that John Scaldini has accepted the position as the new 8/Under coach. His assistant will be Barbara Pennington.
  • Matt Crowley will act as an additional assistant with Age Group.
  • Frisk and Pete will assist with the Senior Team.
  • Discussion on how best to get information from the coaches to the parents and swimmers. The role of both the website and parent representative needs to be emphasized and utilized.
  • Point person for Short Course Meets- Freestyle Frenzy (Ellen), 8 and Under (Ellen), Pentathlon (Mark)

Officials Report

Barbara reports that there are currently approximately 20 officials on our roster. There were 7 new parents who attended the Stroke and Turn Clinic on October 6th. There will be a Starters Clinic the second week in October. This position is essential to the ability of the WRATs to bid on meets.

Sam Fox will finish up his Referee Training at the WRAT 8 and Under meet.

Y Certified Officials-Barbara and Jeff have completed their Level 2 class, and will submit a written test, to become Y Certified Referees. This could be a critical credential, with regard to our team holding Virtual Dual meets in the future.

Co-Presidents’ Report

USA Swimming passed the Athlete Protection Legislation. There will be an education portion and a criminal background check required for USA swimming officials. We will await further clarification from USA swimming regarding the procedure for meeting these requirements.

WRAT Expo. There were a number of families who brought all of their paperwork to the Expo. It is felt that we should continue both the on-line registration and the Expo. We need to think about possibilities for improving the speed and flow of the registration process.

The Board unanimously approved the removal of Fundraising Leader as a Board position and amended the Club’s bylaws accordingly. A mother of a WRAT alumnae, Madelyn Lee, has offered to help train someone in the position of Fundraising Chair. She has come up with a number of ideas for team building and to raise money for National Team.

Sheila is actively searching for a possible new venue for Recognition Night, though cost may be a limiting factor.

The next meeting will be on November 4th, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzannah Rogers