February 2010

Minutes from Board Meeting on February 4, 2010


Kathy Santarella, Mary Cooperman, Ronald Wimer, Jacquie Tumminia, Chuck Katter, Andy McNab, Martha Corneck, Ellen Johnston, Sheila Stolarski, Adrienne Williams, Sydney Hunter, Sandy Morrison, Chris Gannon, Jeanne Bowles.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the January 7 meeting were approved.

USA Swimming

Chris is finishing up the Pentathlon entries. Otherwise everything is up to date and the accounts are in good shape. She had no problems or issues to report.


Ten families still are not registered into the system, (152 families have registered). Forty-one families have completed their point requirements, but 36 have not earned any points (24% of the team.) This is typical, however for this time of year. Kathy will continue to reach out and encourage more participation.

Treasurer’s Report

Budget to actual activity is much like last month, however Martha noted that grocery coupon sales are virtually non-existent. January activity included the restricted contribution to the Y for coaches’ compensation and payments for the timing system, Parents’ Social and the Website. We made about $2000 from programs and concessions at the Pentathlon. In February, Martha anticipates additional Pentathlon activity, and rolling over the two CDs that we have on the books.

Chuck questioned the meet activity versus budget (how some expenses/revenues for the Harvard meet, for instance, were listed on the budget statement). Perhaps in the future an away meet like this should be listed like Y Nats. Martha will look into this further.

Coaches’ Report

The timing system and display have been fixed. The harness is working, too. However, we will look at the budget during LC and determine what new equipment/repairs are needed for this year. At some point we will need to buy a new harness.

LC Meet Bids: The Sr. Spring Invitational is all set for May 14-16. There are three possibilities for the LC Invitational (The first three weekends in June). Our preference would be 6/4-6 or 6/18-20. We should be hearing soon. Ellen has bid for June 24th for the 9/Under meet here at the Y.

Championship Meets: Entries and hotel information will be posted on the website. The team will also send a group to New Englands.

Chaperones: Jacquie spoke with our insurance company re: chaperones for away meets. They suggested some “best practices” and the coaches will put these into writing. These guidelines will be followed in the future.

Club Recognition: Jacquie and Chuck are working on this and hope to be done with the paperwork by May or so. We should also be hearing about the Club Excellence program. We should get a Silver designation.

Mark submitted his underwater camera request. It will be useful for Ellen too. The Board agreed to purchase it (although we asked that the cost be $800 or less if possible.)

Co-Presidents’ Report

The board members who volunteered to help create the parent survey are meeting on February 5.

The Swim For Haiti raised more than $47,000 (including contributions from Staples Swimming, the Westport Swim Club (Masters) and corporate matching grants). Amazing job Ron! The cost to the team was about $1000 for the hats, food, signage, etc.

Ron and Mary still need to work on the handbook.

The Parent Reps are planning a party for the AG and 8/Under swimmers on March 19. Information will be posted on the website.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, March 3, 2010.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cooperman


February 5, 2010
Y Lobby


Ronald Wimer, Mary Cooperman, Sydney Hunter, Jacquie Tumminia, Chris Gannon

The group discussed creating a survey for parents to gauge their satisfaction with the Water Rat program. Questions on fees, ease of the website, timing of practices, expo, etc., will be included. The survey will be web based and should be ready to go between the short and long course seasons.