January 2010

Minutes from Board Meeting on January 7, 2010 Board Meeting


Chris Gannon, David Blansfield, Andy McNab, Mary Cooperman, Sandy Morrison, Martha Corneck, Sheila Stolarski, Ronald Wimer, Mark Sedlak, Jeanne Bowles.

Coaches’ Report

Mark Sedlak was the coaches’ rep this month. He reported the following:

The timing system (which was acting up during the New Canaan meet) will be fixed for the Pentathlon. A Colorado Timing rep will be hired to fix it.

Upcoming Meets: The Q Meet is under control. Despite a minor miscommunication with CT Swimming regarding the entry, everything is all set and entries are already coming in. The Sunday sessions of the Pentathlon will most likely be combined although Mark will make a final decision in the next few days after all the entries have been received. The Zeus Meet on Feb. 5 will replace the canceled meet in Cheshire. The Wilton AA meet has also been added for select AG’s who qualify.

Meet Recaps: The Harvard and SNCO meets both went well. The kids swam well and had fun. The coaches are completing their final expense reports.

Upcoming Events: The Master’s Groundhog Meet on Jan. 31 and the Pancake Breakfast, which is tentatively set for January 30.

Equipment Request: Mark has asked the PC to purchase an underwater video camera. He believes it will be very useful for all ages and estimates that the cost will be approximately $1000. He will email a more detailed usage and cost plan to Ron and David and we will discuss further.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the December 3, 2009 meeting were approved.

USA Swimming

Chris is up to date and the accounts are in good shape. She had no problems or issues to report.

Treasurer’s Report

The books are up to date and we are at or under budget for all accounts except grocery coupon income and meet awards expenses (although meet awards were purchased all at once for 1-2 years). Martha reported that the citrus fundraiser did well and profits were higher than last year. The Freestyle Frenzy also came in higher than budgeted and was on par with last year. The Harvard Meet just about broke even. Martha then distributed last year’s 990 forms to the Board for review. Upcoming, she will make a restricted contribution to the Y for coaches’ compensation and will prepare the 1099s for the 2009 calendar year.

Co-Presidents’ Report

The Board briefly discussed the number of chaperones that attended the Harvard Meet and agreed that in the future we will abide by CT Swimming guidelines and have one chaperone for every six children.

Water Rat Handbook: Neither Ron nor Mary has had time to proof the handbook. They hope to get it online, soon.

Water Rat website: The web designer is creating an email sign-up page that will link us to MailChimp.

P&E Survey: Last month the Board voted to prepare a survey for parents and several board members have agreed to help create it. Ron will set up a meeting with Jacquie and the volunteers to begin working on it.

Meet Coordinator’s Report: Adrienne could not be at this meeting but she does not expect any problems with the Pentathlon and Q meet. She has also ordered awards for the next two meets.

Club Excellence/Recognition Programs: Chuck could not attend this Board meeting but he reports that Jacquie and the coaches applied to renew the team’s membership in the Club Excellence Program. He is confident we will receive silver medal status and we should hear in February. He, Jacquie and the coaches are currently working on the application for the Club Recognition Program. The deadline is in four months and we expect we will meet the requirements for level 2. We should hear by the end of the summer.

The next meeting will be Thursday, February 4, 2010.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cooperman