January 2017

Minutes for the Ordinary Meeting of January 12, 2017

Board Members

Sylvia Ortega (Co-Pres), Martha Corneck (Co-Pres), Eileen Brown (Secretary), Adrienne Williams (Escrow Manager), Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), John Belpedio (Co-Treasurer), John Wang (Officials Chair), Ngassam Ngnoumen (8/U Parent Rep), Lorraine Kennedy (Ex Officio), Hannah Arman (Athlete Rep), Sean Paul Stolarski (Athlete Rep) Tracy Keblish (Officials Co-Chair), and Candace Twiss (PET-WRAT Coordinator).

Approval of Minutes

Sylvia Ortega called the meeting to order. Members present reviewed the minutes from December 1, 2016 meeting. Sylvia Ortega motioned to approve the minutes as stated. Lorraine Kennedy seconded the motion.

RESOLVED that the minutes from the December 1, 2016 ,meeting, as presented to the Committee, were approved.

Coaches Report-Ellen Johnston

Gross income from the Pentathlon is expected to be $22,000.

Ellen will know soon if there will be a Speedo athlete after the 2/4/17 Pancake Breakfast. Requested an Olympic athlete.

There will also be a free clinic on April 1, 2017.

The Masters Ground Hog meet will take place on February 5, 2017.

Ellen is currently looking at potential dates for the WRAT Team photo sometime in late March.

Bids are up and out for Long Course Schedule and Ellen is applying for SSI and 10/under meet.

She would like the Senior Spring Invite at Wesleyan University to be on May, 12-14th, 2017 and Thursday June 8th for the 10/Under Meet.

Ellen gave a huge thank you to the Parents Club for the Christmas Eve present for her 30th anniversary.

USA Swimming Report-Adrienne Williams

We currently have 198 swimmers with 2 more swimmers moving from White to Red shortly.

14 families are overdrawn because they billed the Y States Meet. This is not a problem as the amounts are immaterial. $409 billed.

Treasurers Report-John Belpedio

The Fundraisers’ activities were as follows- Net Income of $1,839 from Citrus and $627 from Towels for a total of $2,466.

8/Under Meet-Net Income of $1,219.49, which was higher than expected.

Summary of Meets- Net Income of $-1,819.66 due to Nashville Meet. The families have not been billed yet and once they have paid, the balance will reconcile to zero.

Freestyle Frenzy-Net Income of $7,302.06 but there is a missing invoice from Mike Dinapoli so that net income number may go down. We budgeted for $6,000. Ellen also has not yet made the surcharge payment of $487.

Meet Managers Report-Lorraine Kennedy

Lorraine is set for referees for Sunday’s Pentathlon Meet. She is short on Saturday but there is still plenty of time for Officials to sign up.

PET-Wrat Report-Candace Twiss

Candace is looking for volunteers to assist with Pentathlon.

Candace will be sending out an email to the parents letting them know how many points they have and letting them know you earn points for training.

Officials Chair Report-Tracy Keblish

We are looking to host a Starter and Stroke & Turn Clinic here at Westport YMCA. She needs 5 interested people to host it.

Parents Reps Report-Ngassam Ngnoumen

Age Group sent 33 boxes out to the Troops.

Co-Presidents Report-Martha Corneck and Sylvia Ortega

February 9th will be the Planning and Evaluation Meeting. We are encouraging parents to attend this important meeting. There is a representative coming from USA Swimming Colorado Springs to assist us in a discussion.

Ellen mentioned that there is a need in education for the 12/under year old swimmer parents on the importance of volunteering and we need to address this.

Parents Club needs to re-evaluate its role so families understand what the Parents Club does and why.

Motion to AdjournSylvia Ortega

Lorraine Kennedy and Tracy Keblish both seconded the motion.