December 2016

Minutes for the Ordinary Meeting of December 1, 2016

Board Members (Quorum is 8)

Martha Corneck (Co-President), Sylvia Ortega (Co-President), John Wang (Officials Chair), Tracy Keblish (Officials Chair), Kerri Steele Rubin (Treasurer), Tricia Begg (Senior Rep), and Lori Blessey (AG rep).

As a quorum was not able to be present, the meeting proceeded with non-voting business.

Coaches Report-Ellen Johnston in memo

Coach Ellen and many of the board members are traveling to Nashville this week. Entries are starting to come in for the Pentathlon. The coaching staff is ready for the Red Blue meet in December.

Senior Parent Rep Report-Tricia Begg

There is no new activity to report for the last month.

8/Under Parent Rep Report-Ngassam Ngmoumen and Berkeley Murray in memo

The committee is preparing for the December party and card making and boxes for the Troops event.

PET WRAT-Candace Twiss in memo

There is nothing new to report. Points are input and up to date.

USA Swimming Report-Adrienne Williams in memo

Some new swimmers have registered. All meets have been billed.

Officials Chair Report-John Wang and Tracy Keblish

Trying to get more officials for the 8/Under age group. Pictures of Officials were taken for the website.

Meet Manager Report-Huong Belpedio

The meet ran smoothly. The only things I noticed for improvements next year are:

1) Some of the new parents who volunteered as timers did not know where to check in when they entered the Y. I witnessed a couple of new parents asking the front desk and was able to assist by escorting them to the pool deck. Signs will be placed in the lobby and downstairs.

2) There was a minor mishap with lunch order for the coaches on day 1 of the meet but that was subsequently rectified. The meet managers placed order for wrong day. For future meets, I would suggest that meet managers confirm lunch orders 1-2 days prior to event to ensure timely delivery.
The Meet Manager Manual on line was very helpful and it was also helpful to have two other people on the job as we divided all responsibilities. Ellen had a quick meeting with the managers after reading the manual. Ellen was helpful and guided the managers with the required supplies and where to purchase them.

One suggestion for future meet managers on the Freestyle Frenzy is to become familiar with the manual 4-5 weeks in advance of the meet and then meet with Ellen for follow up questions and guidance.

Even though the meet had more than two managers, I thought it went smoothly because we divided responsibilities so as not to overwhelm one person.

Trophies have been ordered and the entries are coming in for the Pentathlon.

Co-Presidents Report-Sylvia Ortega and Martha Corneck

The Citrus fundraiser is complete. We may look for other activities next year. The team towels are expected before the holidays.  A bake sale will take place during for the Red/Blue meet to raise money for the Y Nationals.

There was a further discussion of the budget and current income activities.

Adjourn-Martha Corneck