February 2016

Minutes for the Ordinary Meeting of February 2nd, 2016 

Board Members

Sylvia Ortega (Co-Pres), Andy McNab (Ex officio), Suzanne Ryan (Secretary), Martha Corneck,(Co-Pres), John Meehan(Co-Treasurer), Liz West (Pet Wrat), Sari Berkowitz, Lorraine Kennedy (Officials Chair), Ellen Johnston (Coach), Adrienne Johnston (Meet Manager,) Adrienne Williams(Team administrator and Escrow Manager)

Approval of Minutes

Martha Corneck stated minutes of the January 7th meeting will be circulated via email for review and approval by the Board. Subsequently, the minutes were circulated on February 3rd and a motion was made by Martha Corneck to approve and Andy McNab second the motion. All voted unanimously and carried it was.

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting dated January 7th, 2016 as presented to the Committee were approved.

Coaches Report

Ellen Johnston reported that the Pentathlon was a success in spite of the weather snow storm. The Saturday sessions were cancelled, and the 9-12 group swam Sunday afternoon. Those that did not attend on Sunday afternoon and scratched were not charged for their events. To date, it appears that the Pentathlon reported gross income of approximately $13,000, with a net of approximately $7,500.

The team picture is scheduled for Monday, March 7th @ 4:30pm in the gym.

Long course bids are due at the end of February. The coaches are trying to finalize the meets. The 9-12 Y States cancelled the Sunday session due to the condition of the East Hartford pool. It will not be rescheduled.

The pancake breakfast is scheduled for this Saturday, Feb. 6th., and 150-200 people are expected to attend.  Ellen Johnston is working with Margy Sargent and the Senior Team to deliver this fun event to the Team.

The YMCA is working on the acoustics in the pool area. They hired an acoustic engineer to rectify the level of sound in the pool area. It is expected that special paneling will be installed this year. Thank you to the YMCA for making this contribution to the team and the space to make it more pleasant for all.

Treasurer’s Report

John Meehan reported that we are currently under our budget projections due to a slight drop in membership, less meet income this year (The February AG Qualifier could not be scheduled) and higher expenses. There are some category issues that need to be looked into further before the next meeting.

Parent Reps Report

The Pre Championship Pasta dinner will be held Wednesday Feb. 24th for the Seniors and Red Team and Thursday Feb. 25th for the remaining 12 and under practice groups. Gaetano’s Deli will cater it. At the dinner, we will be requesting volunteer efforts from the senior swimmers for the newsletter, Board position and other Water Rat related efforts.

The fundraiser needs to be planned further in advance for next year. Several ideas were discussed, but all agreed that fundraisers are very necessary for the program.


There are 145 families, and 178 swimmers on the team. The points earned to date have been recorded.

USA Swimming

Currently there is a very immaterial money owed due to events swum and not paid to date or relays not swum given the level of activity.

Officials Chair

Lorraine Kennedy reported that we have several people training to be a stroke and turn and administrative officials. Based on graduating swimmers, we are in need of more administrative officials training.

Meet Manager

Adrienne Johnston reports that there is a need for a meet manager for the June 9 and under meet, and she will be seeking someone to take it on.

Co-President’s Report

Sylvia Ortega reported that it is time to form a Nominating committee for next year. Adrienne Johnston offered to put together a committee. Sylvie also spoke about adding a non-competitive or a slightly less competitive practice group to the Water Rats. Ellen Johnston stated that she is reviewing the pool space for timing and availability.


Lorraine Kennedy made a motion to adjourn at 8:34pm, and Martha Corneck seconded.