December 2015

Minutes for the Ordinary Meeting of December 3rd, 2015


Board Members

Sylvie Ortega (Co-Pres), Andy McNab(Ex officio), Suzanne Ryan (Secretary), Martha Corneck (Co-Pres), John Meehan (Co-Treasurer), Eileen Brown (Age Group rep), Liz West (Pet Wrat), Craig Adler (Senior Rep), Tracey Keblish (Officials Co-chair), Chrissy Gussen (8/under Rep), Sari Berkowitz (Age Group Rep)

Approval of Minutes

Lorraine Kennedy made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 6th meeting, and Andy McNab second the motion. All voted unanimously and carried it was.

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting dated November 6th, 2015 as presented to the Committee were approved.

Coaches Report

No Coaches available. Ellen Johnston was out of town with the team. Sylvia Ortega had a separate meeting with her and stated there was not any pressing business to present to the Board at this time.

Treasurer’s Report

John Meehan reported that there are 141 family accounts. A few are not completely paid in full for a variety of reasons but should be paid in the next two months. There was a $4,900 profit from the Freestyle frenzy, and the October 8/Under meet broke even.

Parent Reps Report

Possible bowling in January.  The AG and 8 under reps are currently coordinating.

The Reps will ask the coaches first but hope to provide bagels on Saturday after workout. A pizza party for the 8 and unders is considered.


Candace Twiss reported that she is up to date on the messaging and the status of accounts.

USA Swimming

Adrienne Williams reported there are 2 families overdrawn on their family accounts but no concerns.

Meet Manager

Freestyle Frenzy reportedly went smoothly. There is time to plan for Pentathlon.   Adrienne Johnston will coordinate with Ellen Johnston once she returns.

Co-President’s Report

Sylvie Ortega reported that the ESPN fundraiser had begun and there are plans to get the word out to families and gain momentum. Recognition night sites are being considered for a change in venue. Sheila Stolarski has agreed to assist in looking at the different venue options.

Lorraine Kennedy made a motion to adjourn at 8:14pm, and Martha Corneck seconded. All in favor.