February 2015

Minutes for the Board Meeting of February 5, 2015

Martha Corneck (AG Rep), Sylvie Ortega(Co-Pres), Jay Jaranko (WWFY staff), Brandi Briggs, Liz West (PET WRAT), Adrienne Williams (ex officio), Mike Alpert (USA Swimming Mgr.), Megan Loffredo (officials Chair), Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Allson Adler, Brian Crombie (co-Treasurer), Suzanne Ryan (Secretary)

Approval of Minutes
Change minutes of January 8th meeting to incorporate 65 years not 85 year anniversary. Also, we are in an AO crunch for officials.

Adrienne Williams made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 5th meeting Mike Alpert second the motion with edits. All voted unanimously.

Coaches Report
Head Coach Ellen Johnston presented her report of the team activities for the last month and upcoming events/plans. Ellen mentioned that we couldn’t advertise parking at the commuter lot. The Y will have many difficulties with Pand Z if parking is not addressed. After the master’s meet attention must be paid to the parking situation. As a result, we have to offer valet parking for upcoming meet. With valet parking, we can have approximately 110 more cars in lot. Valet Parking systems was voted and approved for the Saturday Feb. 7th meet. There will be a total of ten attendants, and they will be working from 6:30am-6: 30 pm. Total cost is $3520. Adrienne Williams mad a motion to approve, Sylvie Ortega seconded. All were in favor. Ellen reported that the coaches are putting a formal report on numbers and adjustments for meets. For long course season, Ellen would like to bid on June 18th 9U meet. Wants to have meet on Thursday to keep size down. Megan Loffredo stressed that in order to cover with officials the meet cannot be more than six lanes because it is difficult to find officials on a weeknight. Ellen is also looking to bid on the Senior Spring Invitational 5/17. Ellen does not recommend hosting another meet during long course season at Wesleyan. Finally, Adrienne Williams is in the process of becoming team administrator.

Meet Manager’s Report
Everything is under control. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for officials. We might need to pull some times to be safety marshals.

Officials Report
Megan Loffredo reports that we are all set with officials for the meet. Three parents came to the stroke and turn clinic. There will be an AO clinic here on 2/24 @ 7pm. Brainstorming needed to educate parents on the need for officials.

Pet WRAT Report
Liz West reports that we need some type of communication so that we know who timed at away meets. We are planning to assign one person to be a timing coordinator in the future.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report
Mike Alpert reported that there are four families overdrawn on escrow. All meets have been billed but the last two. He also needs a list of caps.

Treasurer’s Report
Brian Crombie mentioned that the Pentathlon was highly successful, and better than expected. Because of its success, we are approximately 10K ahead of budget. Offsetting that is the need for parking attendants, which were not in our original budget.

Parent Representative’s Report
Martha and Brandi are working on a 12U movie night in March. The movie will be Miracle and pizza will be served. The seniors are working on something to do.

Co-President’s Report
Sylvie Ortega mentioned that she would like a task force to analyze the role of the parents club. The possible date for recognition night is April 24th at Bedford Middle School. Plans are being made.

Extraordinary events: Sylvie Ortega reached out to all board members via email on Feb. 19, 2015 regarding the approval of a nominating committee. The board voted unanimously in favor of the committee.
The proposed candidates are:

Chandler Crosby
Chrissy Dequeljoe
Adrienne Johnston
Gabrielle Miller
Candace Twiss

Martha Corneck moved to adjourn meeting, and Adrienne Williams seconded, all voted in favor. The next meeting is slated March 5, 2015.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne Ryan
Water Rats Parents’ Club