January 2015

Minutes for the Meeting of January 8, 2015

Martha Corneck (AG Rep), Andy McNab (Co-Pres), Jay Jaranko (WWFY staff), Brandi Briggs, Candace Twiss (Senior Rep), Adrienne Johnston, Liz West (PET WRAT), Adrienne Williams (ex officio), Mike Alpert (USA Swimming Mgr.), Lorraine Kennedy (Officials Chair), Megan Loffredo (officials Chair), Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Allson Adler, Brian Crombie (co-Treasurer), Suzanne Ryan (Secretary)

Approval of Minutes
Adrienne Williams made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 8th meeting Lorraine Kennedy second the motion with edits. All voted unanimously and carried it was.

Coaches Report
Head Coach Ellen Johnston presented her report of the team activities for the last month and upcoming events/plans. Ellen mentioned that we are all set for the upcoming Pentathlon. We are still in need of some volunteers for safety marshals, and parking attendants, and she will be sending out another email requesting that. We will be using double plungers, and one stopwatch. We are all set with them. The first aid, and defibrillator is all set. The Pentathlon timed out to be 3.10/3.17 on Saturday and 5hrs. on Sunday. Coach Ellen also discussed that she is encouraging seniors to attend the Spinning class on Tuesday, and is looking for more for the seniors to do for dry land. Ellen stated that bids for long course are now being accepted. She also said that we were accepted for a team excellence camp. This is free from USA swimming, and a coach will be sent to the Y April 20th. Performance labs are getting going, and should begin on 1/19. Evaluations of swimmers will be coming out shortly. The seniors will be receiving an email evaluation, and the other groups will have a 15-20 min progress report meeting.

Meet Manager’s Report
Items needed for hospitality and lunch, will be purchased at Costco and Fortunas.

There will be a watch check on Friday. There will be a table set up by entrance on deck for safety. Heat awards are going to arrive. Bus drivers will be working both days beginning at 6:00 am. Senior swimmers will assist in parking lots so parents can watch their swimmer.

Officials Report
Megan Loffredo reports that we have volunteers from other teams to be AOs at the Pentathlon because we still do not have any new AOs on the WRATs. Currently, there is one parent getting certified. The backstroke flags are now compliant. Two out of the six people that went to the official’s clinic became trainees, but we still need more people to train. Megan also mentioned that we will be keeping track of all DQ’s at the upcoming Pentathlon.

Pet WRAT Report
Reported that that the print outs for Pentathlon are complete

USA Swimming Manager’s Report
Mike Alpert reported that the new swimmers were added to the system with their fees pro rated. It was discussed that their should be a checklist to make sure that coaches credentials are all up to date so that we do not get fined.

Treasurer’s Report
Brian Crombie mentioned that we have a few extra apparel items left in storage. He has reached out to the accountant so that we can have a more details on where the approximate 80 percent of our budget goes to. Specifically, what the YMCA does with the money.

Parent Representative’s Report
There were several ideas for team building discussed. A possibility of a Sound Tiger game on 2/8, or a pizza party for seniors was discussed. There is some money left in budget for 12U to purchase some of supplies needed. All can be purchased at Swim Outlet so we can get the 2% back. The 8U are working on some social programs as well. There are still 2 outstanding accounts from last year that have not be paid. There was a discussion of whether they should be put into collections after many attempts to bring the accounts current. The table agreed that collections were necessary.

Co-President’s Report
Andy McNab mentioned that the nominating committee will be started by Adrienne Johnston. There was a discussion about a planning and evaluation needed. In addition some type of a celebration for the 65th year of the team was discussed. Andy also noted that the 990 tax form will be submitted shortly.

Martha Corneck moved to adjourn meeting, and Adrienne Williams seconded, all voted in favor. The next meeting is slated February 5, 2015.

Respectfully submitted

Suzanne Ryan
Water Rats Parents’ Club