October 2014

Minutes from Board Meeting on October 3, 2014


Craig Adler (Senior Rep), Martha Corneck (AG Rep), Brian Crombie (co-Treasurer), Chris Gannon (interim Escrow Manager), Adrienne Johnston (Meet Manager), Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Lorraine Kennedy (Officials Chair) , Jennifer Lau (8/under Rep), Megan Loffredo (Officials Chair), Andy Mc Nab (Co-Pres.), Sylvia Ortega (Co-Pres.), and Adrienne Williams (Ex- Officio ). Additional Attendees: Jay Jaranko and Aaron Wasserman.

Approval of Minutes

Adrienne Williams made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 4th meeting. Andy McNab seconded the motion. All voted unanimously and carried it was. RESOLVED, that the minutes of the meeting dated September 4, 2014 as presented to the Committee were approved.

Nominating Committee

Adrienne Williams and Adrienne Johnston noted that a few positions will need to be filled such as Escrow Manager, Apparel Chair and Secretary. Adrienne Williams made a motion to approve Candice Twiss as the co Senior Rep for the fiscal year 2014-2015 and Andy McNab seconded the motion. All voted unanimously and carried it was. RESOLVED, that the motion of Candice Twiss to become a Senior Rep as presented to the Committee was approved.


It was noted there was nothing new to report. The new parents are learning about the volunteer point system and the team has not had any events to date in which points are accumulated.

USA Swimming Manager’s Report

Chris Gannon noted that Team Unify would not allow kids to be entered in meets if they have a zero balance in their account going forward. This new process is continuing to be confirmed to parents. The system does notify parents when approaching zero balance. The number of invoices to be sent going forward will now be greatly reduced — Parent Club will not have to chase after parents for unpaid meet entry fees.

Parent Representative’s Report

The Senior Rep, Craig Adler, reported that he and Candice Twiss will meet with Coach Ellen Johnston to discuss the upcoming year and some planned activities once most of the senior team has completed college visits and applications etc. The Age Group and 8/under reps stated they have scheduled a meeting with Coach Chandler Crosby and Coach Kristin Finnegan to create a calendar of social and civic events for the practice groups to attend. Phone calls and emails have been sent to new and current parents.

Meet Coordinator Report

Adrienne Johnston in coordination with Coach Ellen Johnston discussed the volunteers for all the home meets. Nearly all material volunteer positions for all home meets for the whole year are now filled. The Meet Managers, Officials Chairs and coaches will meet to discuss the new logistics of meets (parking, concessions, hospitality) in the new Y as time gets closer to each meet. The Committee also discussed the need for new volunteer position to be added to Team Unify – Parking Lot Marshal and it was indicated that 10points should be a sufficient allocation given the role. Adrienne Williams discussed the need of 3 Meet Managers for each session of the SSI. There are a few potential volunteers so this request should be covered easily.

Coaches’ Report

Coach Ellen Johnston has nearly completed the USA Swimming application for Bronze recognition. Coach Ellen Johnston discussed the slate of USA Swimming visitors that she is lining up for a team presentation and event this year. This may lead to a change in the meet schedule. Coach Ellen Johnston also reviewed the move and first week in the new facility which has gone smoothly. Coach Ellen Johnston also reported that some of the apparel will be available next week and the order site will be open once again for any family that missed the initial event. Jay Jaranko commended Coach Ellen Johnston on the smooth transition and move to the new Y and the team and activities incorporated for the new season.

Treasurer’s Report

Brian Crombie stated that overall the Club is in good financial shape. The month’s activity was mainly focused on registration and collecting the Parent’s Club fee. There were not any material expenses to report. He introduced a revised budget based on the changes in this season. The changes were discussed. Martha Corneck made a motion to accept the revised budget for the year 2014-2014. Adrienne Williams seconded the motion and carried it was. RESOLVED, that the revised budget for fiscal year 2014-2015 as presented to the Committee was approved. Brian Crombie said the registration process has gone smoothly for the majority of families but for the last remaining families that have not signed up or paid, it has taken additional time to be complete the process. He can foresee some best practices that can be incorporated next year in the registration process.

Co-Presidents’ Report

Andy McNab and Sylvia Ortega discussed the transition and move to the new Y. Andy McNab stated that the coaches should be congratulated on their seamless effort in making the move. It has been decided that registration will be shut down on Monday October 6th.

Adrienne Williams moved to adjourn meeting; Martha Corneck seconded; all voted in favor.

The next meeting is slated for November 6, 2014.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Corneck
Interim Secretary
Water Rats Parents’ Club