September 2014

Minutes from Board Meeting on September 4, 2014


Chris Gannon, Adrienne Johnston, Ellen Johnston (Head Coach), Coach Chandler Crosby, Andy McNab (Co-Pres.), Sylvia Ortega (Co-Pres.), Adrienne Williams, Liz West, Brian Crombie, Allison Adler (co treasurer), Craig Adler, Brandi Briggs, Amy Saperstein, Jay Jaronko (Senior Program Director of Y), Heather Lee, Gabrielle Miller, Jennifer Lau, Megan Loffredo, Lorraine Kennedy, Diana Coyne.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of meeting on 07/08/2014: Adrienne Williams moved, Liz West seconded, Approved unanimously.

Vacant Board/Club Positions Nominees

Adrienne Williams moved, Craig Adler seconded, and following were appointed unanimously:

  • Meet Manager: Adrienne Johnston
  • Secretary: Amy Saperstein
  • AG Rep: Martha Corneck
  • Officials Co-Chair: Lorraine Kennedy and Megan Loffredo

Three positions remain open:

  • Senior Rep
  • Computer Chair: There are a couple of options -David Blansfield is willing to come for the first few meets. Ellen suggested John O’Loughlin. Sylvia felt having two people in the role would be great.
  • USA Swimming Coordinator: Maybe Robin Pavia if she has time (she is a judge). Time commitment is large right now, reconciling different account etc. But in a perfect world it would take less time. Weekly time commitment is about 4 hours right now, but should go down to two hours a week once registration is over.

Non Board positions:

  • Admin Ref

We will need to get other people certified for AO.

We need certain officials at the meets that are certified by USA Swimming. As soon as we get up and running, we need to recruit parents for this, but USA Swimming is still figuring out how to train the officials. Ellen asked if we can host a training. Ellen suggested that Ed Becker and Bill Repass may be willing to do a session in our Y, even though their kids are no longer swimming.

PET -WRAT Report

Liz West said that a parent had disputed her points for a meet. Liz resolved issue.

Liz may ask parents to check for their points after each meet and email them by the end of the month if they do not see their points. Others agreed with this plan.

Parents who choose to donate their money back can donate money to the Ann Atkinson fund to help swimmers who need financial assistance.

Coaches’ Report

Ellen Johnson reported:

Chandler-Will work with all the Age Group swimmers. Chandler helped with tryouts which gave him a good insight into the new team members.

Ellen mentioned that the past few weeks have been very challenging. There has been significant parent and Y support. Thank you to parents for putting the team first. Staff dinner meeting last week-all staff is motivated. We are seeking a new Assistant Age Group Coach that meets our standards. That person will not be here Monday (Sept 8) as we won’t compromise. Coaches also discussed that each individual on the team is important and fastest is not the most important. Each coach needs to say hello to each swimmer when they come on deck. Everyone is on equal footing.

Team spirit: Bringing back BIG WRAT/LITTLE WRAT program. Weekly team spirit. Unified team apparel so we walk on deck and look like a team. Getting a new swimsuit and a new logo that complies with Y requirements(logo by Mary Cooperman).
Dry Land will be added when we move to the new location.

Ellen spoke with USA Swimming -They have a program for certain national athletes in which they need to make appearances; so we are trying to get some of them to come to WRATS at the opening of the Mahackeno pool and generate excitement.
WRATS Performance Lab-Coaching staff would provide 90 minutes clinics on weekends for a specific skills (dive clinic, starts and turns,). They would be offered at an additional cost. For older swimmers, video tape the swimmers for stroke work.
Ellen spoke with a business contact about remarketing the team.

Andy asked that parents be told about Chandler’s role and the new initiatives being implemented.

Other people asked that parents know about the coaches attempts to welcome younger swimmers.

Sylvia mentioned having a Facebook page.

Tryouts: 80 people tryouts: 10 referred to lessons, 17 to precompetitive, 53 offered positions

Full team will be about 163:

  • Red 14
  • Blue 9
  • Jag III 18
  • Jag II 15
  • JAG 1 20
  • SAG 18
  • TAG 30
  • Senior 39

Heather Lee asked for feedback on how the swimmers are doing. Jennifer Lau mentioned that Travel Soccer provides a very simple report- 1- 5 number ratings (tough to get a 1) and then 2-3 sentences (generally very positive). Ellen said they are planning on some sort feedback but they have not determined the details. Allison commented that a few sentences would be enough (number scales not needed). Liz suggested not to use a number rating system, but give them specific feedback. Parents loved the idea of mini clinics. Chandler mentioned that he will have a folder for each swimmer that can be reviewed with parents. He is open to talking with parents about kd’s progress when requested.

Practice starting in downtown Y on Monday Sept 8th, moving to Mahackeno ASAP-Hopefully by end of month.

Meet announcements due to CT Swimming next Friday. We will go into more detail at the October meeting.

Meet schedule: Intent is to have meet schedule available on Monday for practice.

Y Virtual meet: It’s just our team. Times will be reported. We may do it during a practice for 9/over swimmers. The times will be valid for Y cuts.

We used to have a meet checklist to make sure we have print outs available and all the financials. Ellen will pull the checklist out of the archives.

Parent reps should call new swimmers to welcome them.

Adrienne Williams said it’s key that new swimmers register on Team Unify. Parents discussed how hard it is to learn Team Unify. Maybe parents can teach other parents how to use Team Unify. Alternatively, a couple of laptops /tablets at the All Team meeting on the 14th September for demonstration.

USA Swimming Report

Chris Gannon reported:

33 families owe money (amounts ranging from teens to $600). Need to get invoices out, as soon as possible. If the family does not pay (particularly those who left the team) a note should be sent. The Board will review what to do if they have an outstanding balance after this. Under team Unify zero option swimmers will not be allowed to register for meets if they owe money ie. if you have a zero or positive balance. A negative balance means that the account is in good standing. Parents should check their accounts regularly to stay current.

Heather Lee suggested it would be helpful for parents to know the cost of each event-the cost to the swimmers for each event is published in the Meet Announcements issued by the CT Swim /host club. The list of charges is just a guide, the actual cost per swimmer is not known until the meet is completed.

Co-Treasurer’s Report

Martha’s reported: “There was not much activity in August 2014, the final month of the fiscal year. I have spoken to Ellen and while she gave me a lot of checks for SSI and I believe all the expenses are in, Ellen said a few checks are outstanding and she will get those in. Currently, we are showing a profit [for the SSI] of nearly $3k when we only budgeted a profit of $1.7k. This meet was very well attended as we did not budget for the new Wesleyan surcharge of $2,590 that we paid and the PC still had better than expected income for this meet, which 50% is used to assist with YNATs fundraising for next fiscal year. ”

Also, there are still some outstanding checks from the June 10/under meet but I believe all expenses are in. Currently income from that meet is $549 while we budgeted for $1,225. Once the checks are collected, we hope to meet the budgeted figures.

As for Noncompliance figures, the PC has collected $3,257. There are still some outstanding balances from families that are coming back.

Once the final visiting team checks are collected and we make a few topside adjustments for registration fees that were collected in August but correspond to next year’s budget, we can close out the year and prepare the Form 990 for the year. This informational return is due in January, four months after the fiscal year end.

Brian mentioned that we discussed changing banks.

Will propose revisions to current year budget since numbers are down. Brian did a stress analysis – we had 208 swimmers last year. Some multi-family swimmers have moved on. Doesn’t impact parent club finances as much to lose a family of multiple swimmers than to lose the same number of swimmers from different families.

Co-President’s Report

Registration Deadline Extension until this Monday but now they will keep it open until Sept 15. New swimmers have until September 15.

Parents’ Social -Diana is going to host and will propose a couple of dates.

Changes to Website

  • The Y is changing the formatting of their Website, so the WRATS will have to make some changes as well. There will be a portion (a brochure style) that is part of the Y main site. More details will be on TeamUnify site and that will the primary place for current swimmers.
  • Andy asked if WRATS will have to pay for this, Jay Jaronko stated that the Y will absorb most of the costs.

Water Rats Parents Club Anniversary. How do we want to do to celebrate? Parents Club is 35 and WRATS is 65 = 100 Years!

October Social Event – Y Gala — try to get parents to go.

College Panel/other Speakers -Trying to get speakers come and talk about their swimming -Hillary
Berger, trying to get other speakers and coaches to come. Should try to schedule soon.

All Team Meeting -Sunday 14th Time TBD at Christ and Holy Trinity.

Adrienne Williams moved to adjourn meeting at 9pm; Andy McNab seconded; all voted in favor. Next meeting will be October 2nd 2014.

Respectfully submitted,
Amy Saperstein